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I've only had my KK for a few hours, and the first cook is already underway. The accessories that come with this cooker are spectacular! I got three cooking grids, each one is almost heavier than my old charcoal grill. They are beautiful pieces of heavy stainless, as is the charcoal basket. Very nice, clean welds; impressive work. The spring and hinge assembly is equally impressive. All stainless, heavy duty fabrication. Stainless ain't cheap, pardners. The lid just eases right up when you tension the spring properly. I didn't read the owners manual, just figured it out, the unit came with the spring non-tensioned. Something to do with shipping, no doubt. The little stainless roller bearing that enables the latch is smooth as silk. The nut that retains this unit was loose, I put a spot of Loc-Tite on the threads. Things can loosen with shipping, check all your threaded fasteners on delivery. Also, the spring tension adjuster bolt threads were filled with dust and ceramic debris so I removed it, cleaned and anti-seized the threads, re-installed. The damper top threads were clean, I just put on a spot of anti-seize. The tile setter obviously knows how to lay out the tiles, he or she started a nice straight line on center and worked out beautifully. The machined interface between the lid and the body is smooth and tight, I've got no smoke leakage. The stainless name plate and big beefy lid handle are super to the eye and the hand. Really I could go on and on but if you read these forums much at all, you know this is a creme de la creme product, first rate. My day one impression is that this is the tops.

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