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Limited Lifetime Warranty*

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Please excuse the legalese language but it's a sad reflection of the world we live in.
What I'm basically trying to say is, that the grill is well built using quality materials with CARE.
Please remember that you need to maintain your grill. Please inspect your grill a couple times a year to ensure the integrity of the acrylic jacket that is used as the adhesive and grout for the tiles. Keeping moisture out of the insulation is of utmost importance. Please monitor crazing/cracks and keep them filled with material supplied by KK.

Limited Lifetime Warranty*
Komodo Kamado grills are warranted for the life of the product as long as it remains in possession of the original purchaser and proof of purchase can be demonstrated.
*This warranty covers all defects in the materials and workmanship of the grill's body and components. The word "defects", as used in this warranty, is defined as imperfections that impair the utility of the product.
This warranty and does not apply to intentionally misused grills, or to damage resulting from negligence, exposure, rental or commercial use, improper cleaning, lack of maintenance/upkeep or other unreasonable uses. Not covered by the warranty is normal wear and tear (as reasonably determined by Komodo Kamado) and defined as "normal deterioration incurred by regular use of a grill." This warranty does not cover damage, loss, or other conditions beyond what the grill was designed for, negligence, misuse or abuse, improper installation or improper maintenance, acts of God such as: wind damage, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fire, monsoons, typhoons, cyclones, and any other naturally caused events.
In the unlikely event that a product has a defect, we require photos of the defect to determine the extent of the defect and the most efficient solution to resolving the problem.  Photos should be emailed to [email protected] or be mailed to us for evaluation.

If a grill component is defective within the terms of the warranty, Komodo Kamado will determine the method for repairing the defective component. No assembly labor is included for such repairs. Komodo Kamado shall replace parts found defective with equivalent parts and shall ship such parts at the purchaser's expense to the purchaser's shipping address. Replacements on discontinued models may require additional funding. Any refunds or credits given will use a 25-year depreciation schedule.  Komodo Kamado insures all shipments and does not assume responsibility for any loss or damage incurred in shipping.

But please note that this is an actual warranty...

If a company says, "we guarantee a grill will never "burn out" or become brittle with use as the clay Kamados of old" that covers what exactly, the portland cement based body? and the rest of the cooker?
Exactly my point... phuey..

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