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  1. tony, you are right on the money there!
  2. takes all sorts i guess... haven't done brisket in forever... just such an ornery piece ot meat...
  3. Porkchop


    i'd agree, if you count hayboxing/hotboxing as "storing"... works great for ribs and shoulders... wrap in saran and then foil, and throw in a styro cooler packed with batting (old newspapers or old walmart bags works great) and just let them sit for a couple hours. allows the juices to settle and everything really tenders up. great for when your q comes off the smoker well in advance of the party. try it sometime!
  4. nicely done. like the trim job you did on the brisket too...
  5. i think blacks does em hot too. one a them texas joints does em hot and fast, pretty sure.
  6. that is the work of an evil genius!! i think i'd just do the bacon wrapped banana, but the rest of it gave it the whole "chili dog" effect, which is wayy cool! i bow to your leg-upmanship! nice pics! nothing there looks wrong at all!
  7. well, some of the filling oozed out during the cooking process on some of them, so let's say "reduced fat"...
  8. tony b, can i change my answer??? now that you mention, looks like pineapple to me too... damn these old eyes...
  9. TERRA COTTA! good call! i love the look of the tiled, but i always thot of terra cotta as a classic! can't wait to see the pics!
  10. Porkchop

    Skirt Steak

    man, i'm with you dennis! sirloin has always been my favorite for that reason... all those you mentioned, and i would add top round cut for LONDON BROIL... london broil and tri tips are such good, straight-up roasts for the grill. cook rare and slice thin across the grain... can't eat it fast enough... NORMSTAR - those are beeyoooteeful flank steaks! great char! did you get any pics of the plating?
  11. dude, they were good. even better after a night in the fridge and then reheated for 30 seconds... i'll make them again... too bad we don't get tastykake here in IL
  12. so, i did it... can't say i'm proud of myself, but i did it. pretty tasty, even better dipped in maple syrup... 200 deg for a couple hours i guess. wrapped each in about 1.5 strips of bacon and sprinkled with sugar. some of them burst a little bit. i think if i ever do this again, i'll do it with frozen twinkies.
  13. so, mk1, i accept your challenge... when i post my pics, you will have to answer with a dare on the grill... be thinkin'!
  14. do you dare me to do bacon wrapped twinkies???
  15. Porkchop

    Pig butt

    you know it's true tho
  16. chunks look peachy... bet there's habanero in there too...
  17. they were both pretty big, like 8# plus, and i did them at around 225 for about, like 12 hours (?)... i REALLY don't pay as close attention to the time; i just keep checking when i get close and wiggle that bone. if it feels right, i take it off. all things being equal, the picnic will run faster than a boston butt. i think it's because the bone runs thru more of the roast than on a boston. as far as the POSK; guy's gotta be a trooper. ultimately, it comes down to the pitmaster. but it sure is nice that KK takes the rocks outta your pockets when it comes to bbq.
  18. Porkchop

    Pig butt

    what does your KK and a girl with big hands have in common? it always makes your meat look small
  19. nothing special; just pics of abt's on my kk
  20. here's a couple pics of bone-in picnic shoulders. these came out just great; did them together in a roasting pan, and the juices basically confitted (?) the pork. best pulled pork i've done yet. also did them skin down to see what would happen, and the skin basically dissolved, except for a few pieces that stuck to the bottom of the pan. drippings were reserved and separated using a gravy separator. fat was kept for frying up some potatoes, and the drippings were added back to the pull. this is my favorite way to do it. probably not considered bbq by some, but i can't argue with the results...
  21. right on, syz! sometimes them meat men ain't really meat men. gotta know your cuts! the meat texture is the same as a butt as far as i can see destr8, but the flavor is a bit different (i like it better)... i don't wanna use "umami" as i don't think i have a full grasp of this mysterious term, but i think more "unctious" is probably what i wanna say. more bone gives more bone flavor, i guess. can't beat meat on a bone
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