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Finney - Iron Pig BBQ

Hi from North Carolina

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GOT IT! Thanks for all the help. I'm headed out to the store right now for my first grill --- chicken thighs. I'm gonna use a recipe I got on NakedWhiz from one of the EggFest cookbooks.

The KK is temporarily sitting on my side porch, as my rear patio is crawling with siding installers. Photos to follow.


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I'm glad you guys got that cleared up. Not having a KK (at this point) you had me confused.

When I've cook steaks for large numbers of people, I set up two grills. One for the low temp and one to sear. That way I can have some gently cooking at the same time some are getting seared. It keeps the whole process moving smoothly. Also I can keep track of rare, m-rare, med a whole lot better.

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I follow Firemonkey's lead (from the Youtube videos) and grill with the top down. That theoretically gives you the smokiness and moisture that primeats mentions. TheNakedWhiz also indicates that ceramics can attain higher temperatures for searing so that should help as well. Those two combined would seem to make the KK (or any ceramic really) perfect for the Finney method.

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I Finneyd in the countertop oven and frypan today. Ok ok' date=' not on my cooker, but it was good anyway. Just stinkin hot outside, with thunderstorms.[/quote']

Cheater :P

But it raises an interesting option - If your coutertop oven is like mine, you could have just hit the "toast" button for the sear :D

Toaster should be able to sear both sides at once. :D

I'm gonna have to try the Reverse Sear with my panini grill. It has adjustable temps.

I actually have done it just in a frying pan on the stove top. Very low temps and turning the meat often... then take it out and cranked the heat up on the pan. Throw the meat back in to sear. It works......

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