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Komodo Kamado's new review on AmazingRibs.com

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Re: Komodo Kamado's new review on AmazingRibs.com

Nice. Hope he plays with it more, and reports back.

Two comments: When my KK came, I rolled my eyes at the grill hook thingies, thinking them unduly fussy and one more thing to lose. I knew where my Orca gloves were, and planned to use them. In short order, I saw the point of this little Dennis invention, and I've used them ever since. Somehow, the reviewer missed this day in school?

I don't miss "two zone" cooking. There's good bass and treble, and there's component stereo. My idea of component stereo is a small Weber (hey, tweeters are small, too) for direct cooking, keeping the KK fire down for indirect.

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