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Oysters Grilled

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12 oysters fresh and shucked

6 slices bacon cut in half fried half way done

24 slices fresh garlic

3 tablespoons butter (1/4in pads)

12 dashes favorite seasoning

Cut 12 pieces of aluminum foil (5x5in)

Place one piece of sliced garlic in the middle of each foil. square.

Add a half slice of slightly precooked bacon on top.

Place another slice of garlic and one oyster on top of bacon.

Roll bacon around oyster and place cut sides down on foil.

Add one piece of butter and a dash of seasoning.

Fold foil to make a cup.

(leave a opening for steam to vent)

Cook 10m on 350 grill.

(Can ues muffin pan to form molds)

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[TD=class: wysiwyg_table_wysiwyg_table_td1]Yesterday's lunch fare... There's a guy that has a small ceviche and fresh oysters & clams booth at the Monterey Peninsula College Farmer's Market every Friday. Its become my 'must have' every Friday. For me I always prefer slurping the bivalves raw...the clams are like a candy dessert(!); but the little lady likes them BBQ'd so every once in a while I oblige her :D.

I BBQ them a myriad of ways but this time did a pseudo Rockefeller version using chopped spinach, prosciutto and a splash of Pernod and then topped with grated parmesan cheese. With a little chopped smoked habanero the BBQ'd oysters and clams were tolerable :D We've also done this by stopping at Hog Island Oyster Co in Marshall on our way to a oyster feed frenzy camp-out on the north coast of California...so its something we actually do when camping too...not on the KK though hahaha :Dfetch?id=74608fetch?id=74610[/TD]





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Try doing oysters Louisiana style (they call them BBQ, but it's not what you think!) Look up Drago's on the internet to get the story and recipe. But beware, I've done them on the KK and with all that butter and cheese, you get massive flare-ups. So wear long mitts and have long tongs, too! Or you could risk losing some arm hair!

There are several posts in the Seafood area about them. There's one version of the recipe in the Post titled: "char-broiled oysters! New Orleans style!!"

Here's a video about the restaurant from the food network:

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