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  1. Regarding making pizzas (Neapolitan style primarily) in a KK versus a more dedicated pizza oven (Ooni Karu 16 the past 2-years here): It would take about 90-minutes to get my former 23" KK's dome fully heat soaked to 800º +/- to get good reflective heat radiation coming down onto the pizza. Whereas the Ooni Karu 16, using oak or hickory, sits at 800ºF +/- in about 45-minutes and has flame lick from the top resulting in superior cornicione dough rise/bloom and overall airiness/texture of the crust. If you're a Neapolitan pizza snob like me, you really need both: A KK and a real wood fired pizza oven (IMHO after using the Karu 16 for 2-years...is not a "real" pizza oven but save that conversation for another thread).
  2. ^ All over the type of grinder/mill dealio but even when using Masienda masa, the puff eludes me. I'm going to try pressing the tortillas a little thicker next time to see if that makes a difference. We like thin tortillas but that might be getting in the way of the puff. As you surely know, getting the full puff results in a much more pliable tortilla that holds fillings w/o cracking so there is much more to it than the aesthetic of puffing during cooking. Yes, I'm all over all things espresso...my aka elsewhere on the inter web is "spressomon" 😁... Thank you for all your input: Much appreciated!
  3. ^ Have the Masa book and have tried many different comal temps to 550F, and even the two pan/comal, 2-temp method from Rick Bayless, but the dang puff eludes me. Maybe, I need to focus on pressing slightly thicker than I do. Its funny, well not really 😁, but on the rare occasion I do get a tortilla to puff, for the life of me I can't figure out why 😁. Having said everything I have, at least the flavor is good with/without the puff.
  4. Been using Masienda whole corn since Jorge started Masienda to make nixtamal masa for corn tortillas. I've literally made a thousand or more tortillas over the years, but the elusive puff evades me most of the time. Have tried various pans/griddles/Baking Steels using two temp process, single temp, wetter masa, spritzing the griddling tortillas with water, etc., but still can't consistently get the puff. Have played with varying the calcium hydroxide to water & corn ratio; doesn't make a difference regarding the puff. Typically, I cook the corn kernels in 'cal for 30-minutes (+/- depending on the corn variety) with a 12-24 hour room temp steep. I have played with completely rinsing the corn kernels clean of pericarp to leaving considerable pericarp, but no perceivable benefit either way related to 'the puff'. I use my Cusinart food processor to get the cooked corn kernels to a very fine consistency. But reaching the puff kingdom consistently has been a problem. We prefer the taste of whole kernel corn/maiz by making the nixtamal masa from scratch compared to any pre-made masa, Masienda's included. Having said that, the puff is rare even using Masienda's prepared masa. I also make flour tortillas and never a problem getting them to puff . Others?
  5. OP: Its Dennis not Larry. The only regret I have about my 23" KK...is selling it (its a long story that involves a woman so I'll just leave it at that...). I don't do big cooks but used it extensively for cooking/smoking all types of meats, sausages, veggies and even used it consistently to bake Galettes, pies, cakes, biscotti, lasagna and about a 100 other things you might otherwise think you'd never use it for. Its more than a grill...its a cooking vessel with zero limitations what you can cook/smoke/bake/dry foods. Even 850ºF Neapolitan pizza bakes. its not the Cadillac of cooking machines but truly the Rolls Royce. The engineering & design along with construction and materials will make you feel like a kid on Christmas Eve...each and every time you use it. No BS! I see a 21" in our future.
  6. dstr8

    23 or 21

    Tom, don't know where you are located, but due to a twist to my life, I will be selling my 2YO 23" with all accessories including the KK teak cabinet.
  7. Looks good from here! It was also pizza day here yesterday ... love my KK for everything especially Neapolitan pies! Tough crust? You might increase the hydration level a point or two. Or incorporate some Caputo 00 (softer wheat than KA Bread flour) into your next batch of dough. Start with 20% and work up. You will need to increase the amount of water a little because the finer flour absorbs a little more. Also, when I bake (using the same dough recipe) at 650F versus 750F (dome) the crust is a little more dense and chewy. But at 750-800F, using the shaped KK stone, I get good spring from the dough with a thin outer crust and a soft pillowy interior.
  8. FWIW, I'm using Safari 11.0 and it functions without issue on this site.
  9. FWIW I just keep several pieces of fresh turmeric in the freezer; a microplane makes quick work of it. Just be careful not to get any on a white counter top
  10. Thread revival: I should probably start a new thread but going to ask here first. Does anyone know if the KoMo Classic grain mill will grind Flint corn? They do state it will grind Dent corn; however Dent corn isn't as hard overall as Flint corn. Thx in advance! Dan
  11. Dennis' CoffeeChar is such a spoiler! I am just about out of CC and bought a couple different bags of oak/hardwood lump and it burns & tastes OK but the % of tiny fines/pieces is the pisser. You don't realize the care Dennis puts into the CC until you have ... perspective.
  12. I don't know why I hadn't thought about chopping red meat burger by hand as I always do it that way for tuna & salmon (burger).
  13. Charles & Susan: Even though we have not met outside of this forum I'm still feel rocked and saddened by this news and your loss. Sad doesn't begin to convey ... unfairness. Please accept my condolences and wishes for God Speed peace & healing.
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