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  1. dstr8

    23 or 21

    Tom, don't know where you are located, but due to a twist to my life, I will be selling my 2YO 23" with all accessories including the KK teak cabinet.
  2. Looks good from here! It was also pizza day here yesterday ... love my KK for everything especially Neapolitan pies! Tough crust? You might increase the hydration level a point or two. Or incorporate some Caputo 00 (softer wheat than KA Bread flour) into your next batch of dough. Start with 20% and work up. You will need to increase the amount of water a little because the finer flour absorbs a little more. Also, when I bake (using the same dough recipe) at 650F versus 750F (dome) the crust is a little more dense and chewy. But at 750-800F, using the shaped KK stone, I get good spring from the dough with a thin outer crust and a soft pillowy interior.
  3. FWIW, I'm using Safari 11.0 and it functions without issue on this site.
  4. FWIW I just keep several pieces of fresh turmeric in the freezer; a microplane makes quick work of it. Just be careful not to get any on a white counter top
  5. Thread revival: I should probably start a new thread but going to ask here first. Does anyone know if the KoMo Classic grain mill will grind Flint corn? They do state it will grind Dent corn; however Dent corn isn't as hard overall as Flint corn. Thx in advance! Dan
  6. Dennis' CoffeeChar is such a spoiler! I am just about out of CC and bought a couple different bags of oak/hardwood lump and it burns & tastes OK but the % of tiny fines/pieces is the pisser. You don't realize the care Dennis puts into the CC until you have ... perspective.
  7. I don't know why I hadn't thought about chopping red meat burger by hand as I always do it that way for tuna & salmon (burger).
  8. Charles & Susan: Even though we have not met outside of this forum I'm still feel rocked and saddened by this news and your loss. Sad doesn't begin to convey ... unfairness. Please accept my condolences and wishes for God Speed peace & healing.
  9. FWIW: My KA Meat Grinder attachment came with a 4-blade cutter. I prefer a little courser grind so I had a machinist cut off two of the 4 cutters. Made a difference (until the plastic housing for the grinder hopper started cracking). My KA is circa early '80's whereas a friend of mine has a much older KA and his grinder is all metal without any plastic. Since then I purchased an LEM grinder where I can choose from fine to very course via different grinding plates.
  10. Like the color! Prepare to be wowed, awed and spoiled!
  11. Ok, maybe I've been hanging out too much in the slow lane lately ... although its nice looking Bruce me wonders what its primary function is?
  12. Timely post: I just roasted several pounds of fresh Hatch chiles last weekend too! Going back for more. Interestingly Safeway has them here (.99/lb) along with a California/Nevada grocer but the Safeway peppers are much larger than "Raley's" and what I have bought in New Mexico. But even if Safeway is passing New Mexican Green chiles off as Hatch, at 99 cents/lb I'm good with it
  13. dstr8

    23 KK

    Also get MORE coffee char! Both are wonderful but I go through 2-3x as much coffee char as cocochar (certainly cook dependent). Ditto @MacKenzie comments all things baking atop a KK stone ... especially the shaped stone as it is even thicker: A must have. There are some things all things cooking related I can imagine doing without. But my 23" KK isn't one of them! And it isn't just for grilling. As wonderful it is for laying down wonderful maillard effect, smoke ring, etc., on protein of choice its an even better baking vessel. Biscotti, souffles, pies, etc. are no match for it compared to ANY oven/griller I've owned/own. Congratulations on your decision @Cottonswab and prepare to feel like a 'kid at Christmas' ... for a LONG time!
  14. Damn fine looking jam there @ckreef & @MacKenzie! It has been eons since I last made jelly or jam ...
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