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Pressure Cooker BBQ!

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Alright I have pressure cooker rib test #3 in progress. And to assist in the adventure, a wee dram of Midleton Irish Whiskey. Oh yeah, the ribs. I pressured them for 15 minutes this time and they are on a mesquite fire now. I can't decide if I want The Doors or Dvoràk for the ambient music… update later.

 Midleton - WOW! Expensive taste, Doc. Jealous!


Definitely, The Doors, "Strange Days" album. (2nd album choice, "LA Woman")


Sorry to hear that Susan. Hope you got it on Amazon so it's not a hassle to send it back.

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Which pressure cooker?





I got this one because I can set the pressure at 15 psi to can my garden tomato sauce instead of freezing it. And I like the extra capacity for my soups as well as the oval shape. It is out of stock now until Dec 1st but I can't find it in stock anywhere else under $200, or the similar Big Boss in stock anywhere else, so I will wait for it. I will be traveling for two weeks this month so its not that bad. The problem was that it had a huge dent in the shell. I sent pictures to customer service and they sent me a label for the return no problem. 

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Well, I finally gave this a try. Cut a rack of St. Louis ribs into 3rds and into the pressure cooker with a 50/50 mix of apple juice and water (about 1 1/2 cups) for 15 minutes after coming up to pressure. I must admit that I was a bit nervous when I took them out of the pressure cooker, as they were an unappetizing shade of gray, and pulling away from the bone and curling up (I took the membrane off like I always do on ribs, maybe that was a mistake?) But, I rubbed them down (dry rub only, no CYM needed) and tossed them on the KK, indirect @ 225F (it was windy so it crept up to about 250F near the end), on hickory and apple wood. Pulled them @ 180F like Doc suggested. They were on the KK for about 90 minutes.


I was shocked that they came out this well after how they looked coming out of the pressure cooker. They weren't mushy at all, still had a nice bite to them and good smokey flavor. Great color, but no smoke ring though. Moist, but not what I'd call succulent. Will definitely try this technique again, especially if I don't have time for a "traditional" rib cook.


Here's the porn, but sorry, no pics of the ribs right out of the pressure cooker, as I was eager to get them rubbed down and onto the grill. I was running a tad behind schedule for dinner. 


Money shots for Dennis.






Finished product.



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Doc - have you tried any of the other functions of this appliance - such as using it as a rice cooker or slow cooker? It's an intriguing thought that I could replace some good sized appliances with this all in one and get the feature of pressure cooking along with it. I'm interested in your rib technique also. I've basically given up on ribs because they are, by far, the most erratic cooks I have with the KK. There seems to be no telling whether they will come out fantastic or horrible and, unfortunately, they are more often horrible than fantastic. Seems like maybe I could get ribs back in my cooking rotation with this. 

Your presence was most obvious by your absence. Love this thread straight from yester year. From the known to the unknown. Just gotta love this team work.

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I just did the pressure cooker barbecue ribs again tonight. I pressure cooked some untrimmed pork spareribs for 20 minutes and yes they do come out of the pressure cooker looking awful gray and nasty. Then I applied my rub which was nothing but brown sugar and ground cloves, that's it. I smoked them on a fire with apple wood chips. It was an indirect fire at 300° for the duration. The ribs smoked to a beautiful mahogany bark for two hours before I took them off. They came out fantastic as usual! I took a short 50 second video but could not get the damn thing to upload sorry about that. I have them under foil and towels right now and do not want to take that off to take a picture because I don't want to lose the heat but when Penny gets home to eat and I uncover them I'll snap a photo. I'm pretty sure I can get the photo to upload where the video would not. Brown sugar and ground cloves may seem like an odd rub but it sure makes for some tasty pork ribs! They come out super moist and succulent this way because they only spent two hours on the fire instead of 4, 5 or 6 hours which would allow them to lose that much more moisture. Try this rub on a little test rack of ribs to see if you like it.

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