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My review of the 32" KK

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I wanted to pass along my observations and cooking experience with the Komodo Kamado Refractory Grill. I have owned the 32" model since early June 2015. I have another komodo style grill, from a top brand competitor, and I have found the quality and craftsmanship of the Komodo Kamado to be unparalleled. The attention to detail from the 304 stainless steel hinge, handle, lid latch, vents and 3/8" grates to the grill's design, cooking chamber and tile exterior is unsurpassed.

I have cooked meals for just my wife and I, as well as for gatherings of over 30 people. The temperature control is easy. The charcoal consumption is about the same as the much smaller competitor's model that I own.

There is no need to worry about a cracked firebox, as with some other products, since the KK has built-in expansion joints. The refractory cement is a big step up from ceramics used by other manufacturers. Plus it is reinforced with stainless steel shards and has a second layer which is insulated. The tile exterior is adhered with an elastomeric grout, which will expand and contract with changes in the surface temperature of the grill. As for personal design taste there are many choices of tile color and finish is something for everyone.

I recently cooked a 31lb. whole pig on the 32" with great success. I have roasted chicken, slow cooked pork shoulder and brisket, baked pizza, seared steaks, etc. There is nothing you cannot cook on this grill.

While the grill comes standard with many features, there are also many accessories from which to choose to further enhance your cooking experience.

The designer and owner of Komodo Kamado, Dennis Linkletter, is always just a phone call away.

He will answer any questions or concerns.

The owner's forum is wonderful, full of helpful hints, great photographs, and advice from happy, enthusiastic KK owners.

I couldn't be happier with my grill. I will be cooking on it for many years to come;
this product is designed, engineered and built to last a lifetime.

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