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  1. Any meal at MacKenzie's would be fantastic!
  2. Some olive oil, garlic and lemon zest.
  3. The butcher cut them up for me.
  4. Looking real good...enjoy!
  5. tinyfish

    Lamb chops

    Just got back from vacation so I thought I would treat myself to some lamb chops. Sorry no plated pictures, getting lazy!
  6. Thanks for the information on fresh and frozen steaks.
  7. I think its time to make some MacKenzie scallop potatoes.
  8. Thats way better then looking at snow.
  9. Good to have you back CC!! Very sorry to hear about your friends.
  10. Always delicious food at MacKenzie's house.
  11. It sure looks like an excellent way to do ribs.
  12. That bacon looks delicious!! Is winter over yet??
  13. I soak my cured briskets to remove some of the saltyness, depending how strong the cure was will determine how long to soak it for. Your first point may be a little trial and error for cooking time and saltyness. Cures brisket is a delightful change to regular brisket. Its been a while since I did one, I have to change that.
  14. The meat will shred/pull nicely. I would smoke/cook the short ribs like normal, maybe under cook them just a bit so they can finish cooking with the tacos.
  15. The plated shot looks delicious. The meat has some nice bark and smoke ring.
  16. My butcher had some boneless beef short ribs so I thought I would give them a try plus they were on sale too. Unfortunately their are no cooked pictures, I got called into work before they were done. They were pretty good. Not as much marbling as the bone-in short ribs but still good. There would be delicious in chili.
  17. That sure does look good.
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