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1 hour ago, Alehandro said:

I bought a new commercial coffee roasting machine. It is Kafgar Coffee Roaster 10 kg batca capacity. I have been using it for 2 months. I suggest you. 


So the question stands - where do you live and will you custom roast and ship overnight? 


That's really hard core. 


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I have a gene Cafe that I used to use extremely heavily (4 batches a weekend) and I was very happy with it. I had to stop drinking coffee because of my reflux.  I did wish it had a feature to instantly remove the beans when they are done like the hot top, but when I could tell they were going to be too roasted by the time the cool down cycle was over. I would shut the machine off, grab my silicone grilling gloves, remove the canister and pour them onto a cold plate and swirl them around as the cooled.  Definitely not the fanciest but I was extremely happy with it.  I still use it but much more infrequently. 

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