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  1. Shuley

    Saint Patrick’s day epic bbq

    Looks like a feast! And everyone looks like they are having a great time.
  2. I had to slightly sand down the edge of my rod to make it fit. It goes in now well, but once in a while (usually after a longer cook) I have to wrestle it out to pull it off. I might need to take it a hair further but I'm a little scared.
  3. Shuley

    There's been a disturbance in the Force...

    You are going to have a ton of fun with your new grill..... And you made the best tile choice
  4. Shuley

    Lamb shoulder

    I have yet to try that. Yours looks awesome.
  5. Shuley

    Saint Patrick’s day epic bbq

    Looks like an epic party.
  6. Shuley

    Software Defined Espresso

    Y'all are making me miss espresso....
  7. Shuley

    Prime Grade Rotisserie PR

    Ok, so this has me re evaluating my prime rib cooking method. The only time I tried a rotisserie I ran it at 350 which ended with a nice crust but there was so much gray band, it ruined it for me. (everyone else loved it). So I have always gone the reverse sear method since then... At about 225. However, that crust does look nice. It looks like you have something to catch the grease in the back, where the coals on the other side of your basket? And running at 250, was the cook time shortened by using a rotisserie or did it not affect your cook time at all?
  8. Shuley

    SRF 50 day dry aged wagyu porterhouse

    Wow. That looks perfect.
  9. Shuley


    I haven't had those in forever..... Mannnnn. Those look good!
  10. Shuley

    Vent setting for 180 (350)

    What they all said is true. It's funny because I know my vent settings by visuals but would struggle to describe them. Don't worry, it will all become second nature to you soon enough.
  11. Shuley

    Uh Oh...Could Be Seriously Bad News...

    Man... My condolences. My son had a severe milk allergy until he was about 3 and that was really hard. I hope you grow out of it?
  12. Shuley

    How many Briskets on a 42" SBB

    Wow. You are brave.
  13. Shuley

    Pizza steel?

    How did you go about bending the handles? Or did you not have to do that?
  14. Shuley

    Pizza steel?

    There must be some slight variation between how the handles are angled. I'd prefer a bigger steel since my pizzas are almost always lopsided lol. But it would be a bummer to not fit in the upper rack. I think 17 inches might be close enough though.
  15. Shuley

    Hello from FL. Future owner

    Congrats! And a 23 can hold ALOT of barbeque.