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  1. Alright, so I have been using my koko kamado quite a bit during Quarantine but this has to be one of my favorites. I only do it a few times per year, and every time I wonder why I don't do it more often. First, I've been making sourdough just like everyone and their mother. Then I got to making some delicious meatballs. I like them with a fair amount of sausage in them. Then I throw them on koko to get a bit of smoke on them. Meanwhile, I get a delicious sauce going. San marzano of course. After its cooked a bit, I use an immersion blender to have the smooth consistency I prefer for a meatball sub. After that has come together, I combine them so the meatballs can finish cooking in the sauce. I thought .. Why not make a pineapple upside down cake?... Did not use koko here. Annnnyway, after the meatballs were done assembly was a cinch and man are these good. I highly recommend trying this. The hint of smoke is a game changer.
  2. That looks awesome and like such a fun cook! The only time I am ever jealous of a 32 is when I see a whole hog cook. Odd question, but it looks like the butcher must have done something to the hog on the back so that it's legs bent way under itself. Is that standard, or did you tell the butcher how wide the grill was and that's how they butchered it? I'm wondering if there is a way to get it more folded in half?
  3. Ok that makes sense. The dough I have been using is 70% hydration and no sugar. In the oven you alternate between 550 and broil. I'm guessing that I need to go down to at least 475 if not 450
  4. So maybe put the heat deflector directly under the steel?
  5. So I got The Elements of Pizza last summer and have had a pizza steal since November. I am amazed at the pizzas I can turn out in my oven. They are simply fantastic. Specifically Enzos (although we also love the Saturday one) dough margarita pizza has been my family's favorite. However, when I tried doing the same thing on my KK (550)my pizzas burnt up in no time flat and were virtually inedible. I even tried dramatically reducing the cooking time and that left the toppings almost raw, but the crust was still burnt. I've just settled into using my oven, but with summer and ridiculous Temps coming, I'm much rather do this outdoors. I was wondering if anyone had successfully used these recipes on the KK and if so what Temps and modifications they used? Thanks for any help!
  6. Regarding the hear deflector, the only time I found it really necessary was when I had a full packer brisket on my main grate, pork belly burnt ends on the top grate, and wanted to put some ribs on the bottom grate. I didn't want the ribs that close to the fire unprotected, so I rested the deflector on the charcoal basket handles, then put the ribs on the lower grate. My KK was already well heated as it was several hours into the cook, and my ribs were adequately protected.... Although not quite as good as when I cook them on the main grate. I also use it as a baking stone which I know it isn't *supposed*to be used for but it works way better than my thin pizza stone. I have also been since converted to my pizza steel, so once I figure out how to use it on my KK I know I won't use the deflector as a stone anymore.
  7. BTW, if you need the space, I'd never talk you out of a 32, but the 23 can hold a whole lot of BBQ/or probably atleast 2 big roasts. When I entertain for biggish groups I'm usually doing these things rather than individual steaks (although I have done steaks for 10 without any issues) because I'd rather spend time with my guests. However if you'd rather grill like that for large groups, I'd say get the 32. For reference I usually BBQ for groups of approximately 25.
  8. I mostly use my splitter when using the rotisserie, so towards the back (just have the 23). Now there is a partial main grate for the 23, but what I have been doing is putting the whole main grate on my table next to my KK and when things get too seared, and need to finish cooking through, I just move them onto the main grate, then transfer the whole main grate into position. It's easy and fulfills the same purpose.
  9. I've seen that high heat brisket cooks are all the rage on the BBQ circuit. Do you have to watch it super close? Turn, or wrap at specific points?
  10. Impressive that you got that all on one rack.
  11. Shuley


    That is awesome. If I'm ever pregnant again, this will be my party.
  12. So one of my brother in law's birthdays is on st. Patrick's day so I always wait to cook mine on a different date, but am sure to pick one up while they are cheap! I soaked it for 4 water changes, then Blotted and hit with a rub of coriander seed, yellow mustard seed, purple crack, cloves and black pepper. I was going for pastrami-ish. Got that on and smoked for a total of about 4 hours. I saw someone over on the guru doing a whole cabbage that was cored, seasoned and lots of butter. I wanted to do that, and I added more butter in the cracks as the cabbage cooked and softened. Then I threw on some diced potatoes which were really just my excuse to play with the sumac I bought. Fricken delicious by they way. And my belated st paddy's meal!
  13. You have been living with a rib sticking out and inch and a half since October?? How did you do that?
  14. I like what you said about planning your work flow. This is something I always do for cooks now, especially when entertaining. When people come early they always ask if they can help, but I always have everything planned just so and have it in my head lol. I know if I just try to explain it it would take longer and not turn out as well. Lol. Anyway.... You should get a Lloyd's pan sponsorship. I'm so close to ordering some and I feel like you should get the kickback lol.
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