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Barbqued Shrimp!!!

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this has nothing to do with the Komado....trust me! This receipe origionates from a restaurent in New Orleans called Pascales Manales... But I have taken my own spin on it.

5-6 lb 10/12 count shrimp, heads on!

1/2 lb butter ( didn't say it was healthy!)

3/4 cup oil

3 tb coarse fresh ground pepper

3 tb papricka

5 tb chopped garlic

6 6" sprigs of fresh rosemary

salt to taste

1/4 lb butter

Combine oil and butter in a pan and heat over medium heat. add garlic, papricka, and rosemary SIMMER over low heat for 15 minutes... be sure it is LOW heat. let rest.

in a large roasting pan, add ingredients and shrimp and saute' over meium heat stirring,shaking pan until shrimp turn pink. Shrimp are done when

the heads seperates on the top part and releases the fat inside.

Add the aditional butter and over medium heat, and shake the pan until he buter emulisifes ... adjust salt let rest for 10 minutes.

serve with plenty of french bread for sopping.

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a trick

For scallops or shrimp I like to use a vegetable grilling basket. It' a square basket with sloping sides, like an upside down pyramid. If you've seen my post about the lava rock deflector, it's one of those baskets. One of my favorite tricks is to soak the shrimp or scallops in a pot of cold water with pretty concentrated crab and shrimp boil for about a half hour. Then cook them on a really smoky fire indirect just long enough to pick up the smoke flavor. If you cook them direct, they cook so fast they don't pick up that much smoke. The combination of the boil flavor and the smoky grill flavor is luscious!

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Shrimp Taco Recipe


• 1.5 pounds of medium or large shrimp, peeled and deveined is taken.

• Bottled green taco sauce of more than 1/2c is taken.

• Olive oil of about ¼ c.

• Tequila of about 1/2c.

• Lime juice of about 1/2c.

• 1 teaspoon of salt.

• ¼ teaspoon of paprika.

• Pinch garlic powder.

Another type of shrimp food which is famous for its fine taste is the shrimp taco. It is simple to prepare. The recipe to prepare this shrimp taco requires the following ingredients.

A fry pan is heated initially for about a minute. Then ½ of the olive oil is heated. To the heated olive oil shrimp is added along with garlic powder and a small amount of taco sauce. Shrimp is fried until it turns pink. At the same time the shrimp should not be overcooked. It is then removed from heat. Then in a bowl, the remainder of the ingredients along with olive oil, lime juice, tequila, taco sauce, salt and paprika are mixed. Shrimp tossing is then added gently to coat. It is then covered for few hours to chill. It should be served on wood sticks. This can make about six appetizer servings.

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