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  1. gadgetgeek

    Old Skool Tech...Pressure Cooking!

    I love 'em.. I bought one off of Ebay a few weeks ago while I was sipping wine (I guess). It is a Fagor, but is the single pressure (8lb), and it is TOO SMALL (6qt) for how I cook. Now I wish I could get rid of it and buy an 8qt dual pressure.. .
  2. gadgetgeek

    Guru Hints & Tips!

    Actually, the folks at Guru sell replacement probes with a SS sleeve and higher temp rating. It is standard on the DigiQ and they sell them as an upgrade for the Procom. But I imagine they will also make them for the competitor. -=Jasen=- They do make and sell them for the competitor. Mine work great. .
  3. gadgetgeek

    Burnin' burnin' hunk-o-cow

    In an oven bag, sitting on top of some root vegetables in a large pot, pressure cooked, long sauté, something like that... I just rarely do a large chunk of other than prime or rib roast on they grill.. But I am here to learn. .
  4. gadgetgeek

    Burnin' burnin' hunk-o-cow

    Re: Burnin' burnin' hunk-o-cow Strange as it may seem.. I have no idea what internal temp you would cook that to? I could go look it up, but I so rarely do a roast like that I guess I just forgot? I almost always cook that roast in a wet environment, for a long time..... I would bet you could get away with 140º if you foil, towel and rest for a long while, but I might be wrong.. ? .
  5. gadgetgeek

    Well CRAP!

  6. gadgetgeek

    What am I doing wrong?

    I feel properly stimulated... Tnx... .
  7. gadgetgeek

    What am I doing wrong?

    Comments on the wood choice... I really like the flavor of white oak on ribs. I sure can't add advice for a Kamado, there are REAL pro's in that department here. I like the smoke on for about half the time required on the smoker too, especially if it is hickory mix. Good lump charcoal will give it the rest of the smoke it needs IMHO.. I use Wicked Good "Competition Blend, and really like it.
  8. gadgetgeek

    What am I doing wrong?

    I'd hang check them at 3 hours... or tear check them.. if they are somewhat close to done, I'd wrap 'em in foil then.. You may want to go to a dry rub rather than a mop? Then when you unfoil them later you can doctor them up with whatever suits your fancy... So many ways, so many different sets of ribs, and so many kinds of cookers.. Thank goodness all of the backyard chefs are the same... .
  9. gadgetgeek

    Chicken Parts & Stinky Beans for the Kids..

    Re: Chicken Parts & Stinky Beans for the Kids.. I see those bean/peas in our local ethnic markets and can never get anyone to tell me what to do with them... Now I have a starter lesson... What do you do with them once you shell them? Salt them? Are they soft like boiled peanuts? Any other things to "do" with them but crack them open and eat-em out of hand or on your plate? Thanks in advance... I did a little Googleling----- ______________________ Petai beans or seeds look like broad beans. Petai has earned its nickname 'stink bean' because its strong smell is very pervasive. Like mature broad beans, they may have to be peeled before cooking. It lingers in the mouth and body. Like asparagus, it contains certain amino acids that give a strong smell to ones urine, an effect that can be noticed up to two days after consumption. Like other beans, their complex carbohydrates can also cause strong-smelling flatulence. ______________________ Oh great... being a Hungarian and eating nearly any dern thing isn't enough... LOL My wife will LOVE these... .
  10. gadgetgeek

    Whole Fresh Ham

    Thanks... I picked up a 20# whole fresh ham from a Central, GA. Hog killing yesterday, and have been thinking about just what to do with it... I think I'll cut mine in two (it helps to have good suggesters), slice some nice Hamish steaks to freeze and smoke the shank end for dinners this week. I may just chunk up the rest in serving size pieces, drop some marinade on them, vacuum pack them and toss them in the freezer? I just don't have the place to do a good cure, or I'd do that with the whole thing. .
  11. gadgetgeek

    Third Cook on the Dragon, Spatchcock!

    It looks great and I bet it tasted super... I am just in from a "Hog Killing" in Central Georgia with a nice 20lb (freshly killed) swine whole ham... I am debating whether to brine it, freeze it or just proceed with cutting it into two sections and smoking it today/tonight? If I just had me one of those dern, fancy-tiled cookers I'd be in good shape. One day, when I win the lottery, or open an apple stand down at the street I'll get me one...
  12. gadgetgeek

    Third Cook on the Dragon, Spatchcock!

    Re: Third Cook on the Dragon, Spatchcock! btw.. I clip off the wing tips, and the leg joints to make it a "for sure" Spatchcock".... sometime I clip the wingz off to the second joint, but I ALWAYS scissor off the end of the leg knobs. To each his own......? .
  13. gadgetgeek

    Third Cook on the Dragon, Spatchcock!

    Re: Third Cook on the Dragon, Spatchcock! GG>- Cumon DMAX, turn your pictures right side up... I love your cooker, and your cooking.. but daymn... turn the pics around.... .
  14. gadgetgeek

    How long should I cook an 9 pound butt?

    You mean, the size of the eaters' buns! Off topic.. but yes... For More Pictures of some old pulled (pounded) pork click HERE .