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  1. _Ed_

    Hi from LondonUK

    +1 on the London KK mob. Do shout if there's anything you need help with.
  2. _Ed_

    Bacon wrapped St Louis Ribs

    That looks really good - kind of like an al pastor theme.
  3. _Ed_


    Last flourish of food my wife isn't mad about, which the little man and I can cook while she is away. Ribs: baby backs, very lightly rubbed, added pepper, smoked for 3 hours at 250F with one chunk oak and one cherry. Very lightly glazed on top, and served. Best ribs on the KK so far. If they hadn't disappeared so quickly, I'd have a money shot. Photos: rubbed and ready, on the kk, pre-glaze, post-glaze.
  4. _Ed_

    Hey from SoFla & Western NC

  5. _Ed_

    Just some plate ribs

    Lovely-looking cook. I particularly like the black pepper.
  6. _Ed_

    Duck (...and subsequently cover)

    Nice part of the world. I got mine this time last year, and have been regularly blown away.
  7. _Ed_

    Duck (...and subsequently cover)

    well, it's nice while it lasts! I always do like duck on the bbq. comes out beautifully on the KK. @KayJab I'm over Fulham way. You?
  8. Been very warm in the UK for the past few days, and with my wife away in Africa for a week, the little man and I can cook all the fun things that she's not mad about. In this case, duck. Spatchcocked and smoke-roasted at 300-325 for 100 minutes, couple of chunks of wood (one cherry, one oak). Pulled it at 60C in the breast - a nice sort of medium, still very juicy but most of the pink gone. Served it with a watermelon salad with mint & feta. Great early-summer meal... and of course, it started to rain as soon as we sat down!
  9. _Ed_

    Manakish Zaatar

    One of our favourite local places (Moroccan/North African) does amazing manakeesh. I always like the za'atar with a bit of feta-type cheese... although also amazing topped with thick plain yoghurt and drizzled with honey just before serving.
  10. _Ed_

    Ok first cook under my belt

    Nice work!
  11. _Ed_

    Pork Loin

    @Bruce Pearson sure thing, any time. London's nice at this time of year...
  12. _Ed_

    Pork Loin

    Finally a glimpse of sun on a weekend, so time to pretend summer is almost here. I was going to do some ribs, but saw a really pretty piece of pork loin at the butcher, so went with that instead. Simple rub, then smoked at 275F to 57.5C internal with a couple of chunks of oak. Served with coleslaw, bbq beans, green beans, potato salad. And beer. All in all, a very pleasant afternoon watching the pretty clean smoke coming out of the top of the KK whilst contemplating the joys of summer to come. Pictures attached.
  13. _Ed_

    Beer Can Chicken - My First KK Cook

    Nice first cook! If we're all making suggestions, you could try eliminating the drip pan from the equation entirely. The amount of distance you can get between the fire and the chook by putting it high in the dome means that you don't need to go indirect, and I've always liked the flavour compounds developed by rendering chicken fat hitting the coals directly... and, as @tony b says, nice colour choice. It is a well-known and not-at-all-disputed fact on this forum that Dark Autumn Nebula cooks by far the best. Because quantum. or something.
  14. _Ed_

    Pork Tenderloin on the OctoForks

    Looks lovely, MacKenzie! Those potatoes look great too.
  15. Bruce, I was going to do exactly that! But then I just wanted to make smoked pork belly, because the leftovers are amazing. Bacon is genuinely one of the easiest things in the world to make. Ruhlman has a good piece on it: http://ruhlman.com/2016/04/bacon-time/ - whether you hot or cold smoke is up to you. I always cold smoke bacon, but that's mainly a cultural thing - I've noticed that all the bacon I have seen in the US is hot smoked. It's really a matter of preference.