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  1. Thanks for the notification!
  2. So how is this working?
  3. Aussie, that looks so good that I do believe this will be my next recipe to try Thanks for the Post!
  4. Yum!
  5. Have you fired up Miss Deana yet??
  6. Dennis, I just played with the 1/2 grill and it would work perfectly if it was mirrored on the other side. I tried lifting up the end to see how well it stayed in place by itself without butting up against its mirror and it was great! If the mirrored 1/2 grill was just a continuation of the existing 1/2 grill then sliding food across the surface would be just fine. The 42 has multiple grills on top and a mirrored 1/2 grill would just make 2 for the 32, both easy to move Titanium looses to Dennis and his quick mind with the mirrored 1/2 grill.
  7. Thats a great offer Dennis! I will get back to you about the 1/2 grill to mirror the existing 1/2 grill because it might do the trick if I can lift one end to stoke the fire. The Serious Big Bad 42 is a super designed monster big grill/smoker and I would have ordered one if I could have figured out a way to move it into place.
  8. Online discussions can consume waaaay to much time so dividing your time wisely is the key to happiness
  9. Funny! That thought crossed my mind but quickly went back to Ti (titanium) grills since the SS is so heavy. Now a multi piece SS grill would be good, like the SBB42 has, those 42 grills are magnificent! Food sticks to SS more than it would with Ti but the heat transfer in Ti is less than SS so the sear marks would come more from the gaps between the bars, at least that is what I am thinking. Maybe someone with more experience with Ti might be able to comment.
  10. That is a good point. I use the steamer in a steam box that collects the water and allows it to run back into the steam generator. The moisture that comes from it would be pumped into he KK and not returned to the steamer so I was hoping the this moisture would continue to vaporize. Pumping it into a cold KK would just create a pool in the bottom. Currently the way I have used the steamer is into a box with much less volume and on occasion a 12ft long 4"dia tube to steam gunwales, so going into the KK will be an interesting test. I will take photos/videos.
  11. Welcome and enjoy your week of waiting It will indeed be a good research time.
  12. Use the Guru port anf inject the wet steam below the fire thus creating a more pure dry steam.
  13. Has anyone tried using a wallpaper steamer for introducing steam for bread cooking??? I use a wallpaper steamer for steaming wood strips for kayak building in bending the ribs for the small boats. It is a Wagner and it generates a lot of steam.