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  1. We have ticks too.... and ticks are hitchhikers.
  2. I have a Dennis Cabinet coming in my direction now and it should hold anything I want to put in it for the function of the KK. An outside sink would be handy.
  3. The espresso machine is always on so there is no waiting at Sweeney's Public House the KK takes more warmup time so I would need some notice of visitors, but you KK Owners are all welcome.
  4. Thanks for sharing that info!
  5. Finally getting into a rhythm with the KK and getting to kick back to enjoy my surroundings. Hired a gardener.....
  6. I had the KK going to pass the time And of course I used coffee wood chunks for the smoke!!
  7. And it happened again, although this time it was intentional. The guy was cleaning his hull. He waited to do his little sailboat until this big boy was pushed into its slip.
  8. That's interesting, the way he was slamming the lid/dome down to close it gives one the impression that he never figured out how the KK works. If Dennis is continually sending him new KK's I would think it certainly would be nice to give more positive press to he KK's. Yes, I know his show is not dedicated to ceramic cookers, but hey, we all know how good these cookers and I would think he should give more Kudos to Dennis and his team.
  9. You are right! I wonder how dedicated he is to the KK since most of the episodes I have seen show a virtually new (inside) cooker with no soot.
  10. He just needs to quit slamming the dome lid down so hard. Some videos he does and some not. He must be used to the other Kamados and not the KK.
  11. Good press for KK, congratulations Dennis!
  12. Tee time , or is it tea time??
  13. Aussie, you are right about cats killing things for sure. Pound for pound they are the largest killers of things on the planet. I have seen my cat drag back a rabbit almost twice her size just to show me; if it moves they try to attack it, AND they will double team a target when necessary. Were they ships cats from square rigger era that went feral that are decimating the Australian critters??
  14. I had a Siamese cat that liked riding in the VW Bus and would go on long trips and get out at Rest Stops to potty and come back when called. I taught him Spanish for all his commands and I taught him to swim. He would follow me into the pools alongside a river but was smart enough to avoid the swift current. Fred was a good cat.
  15. So Dennis, how the the Retreat?? Is the mind filled with calm thoughts and new ideas??