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  1. A Serious Gate.maybe "The Ninth Gate"?

    Yep, paradise is indeed elusive , I currently have an easier life but much condensed going from 20 acres to 1/4 acre and a much more noisy, urban life. Only 1 GSD now, not 2, who is a great alarm system and a continual source of entertainment and companionship for my wife and me.
  2. A Serious Gate.maybe "The Ninth Gate"?

    They WERE, we moved because of my deteriorating health and need for better healthcare than a hangnail clinic. A few of the neighbors knew me well enough to know I was an Army combat veteran and liked me, the rest thought there was a crazy person living up there and it was best to not mess around with that person who lived there; possibly a correct assumption. Of all my immediate neighbors I was the only one to get any permits for anything so the neighbors could not complain about what I was doing on this property. This is the compound I built. It was possible to travel east 35 miles, north 90 miles and south 6 miles without hitting another road. 2 miles west was a paved road and a general store.
  3. A Serious Gate.maybe "The Ninth Gate"?

    Tyrus, there was a very steepslope, more of a drop off, on the hinge end and there was a corresponding uphill grade on the latch end. It was a logging road built around the early 1900’s to haul logs to steam powered high lead logging equipment. The home site was an old landing site for ferrying logs in the air to the railhead 2 miles downhill. A motorcycle could go around on the foot path or be dragged under the gate but the biggest deterrent from that was myself and my 2 german shepherds. The community warranted a secure awareness and that was proven many times of the 20+ years i lived there withe a neighbor (a college professor) who murdered his wife and chopped off her head and left it a mile away. Byanother neighbor whose wife chased him around the home and property blowing holes in everything with a shotgun, the other neighbors shooting at a person who was on his property trying to steal pot, which was illegal to grow at the time. Security was essential in such a seemingly bucolic setting, and when first seen it lulled you into a very tranquil complacency until it hit the fan This was the landing site.
  4. A Serious Gate.maybe "The Ninth Gate"?

    The steel locking pin went 2 ft into the end of the cross arm and the pin was made of 4140 steel which is pretty tough. The weak link I designed into the gate was the padlock which could have been torched off, but easily replaced. It was never messed with.
  5. Meathead Gets It

    Those pups are approved as cute and tons of energy.
  6. While living out in the sticks for over 20 years we had our wooden gates destroyed by chainsaw, truck or whatever method a deviant could conceive. So after much though I build a gate that was almost indestructible. The concrete columns are 20" in diameter poured at the same time as the the 6ftx6ftx18" thick footings that were then surrounded with mortared in place rock. If a truck tried to push the columns over their front tires would be on the footing they were trying to remove; a non-starter... The 8" diameter cross arm was steel tube filled with concrete and 3 2oft lengths of 1/2" rebar and the counter weight end was all poured at the same time, as was the adjustable counter balance. There was a hardened steel rod (5yd truck axle) embedded in the turntable end that stuck up into the pivot point maybe 8". The pivot was 2 steel plates that had a machined race for tank turret ball bearings to make it move smoothly. Once it was all built we lifted the cross arm and placed it with a D-5 sized bulldozer since the cross arm weighed a bit more than 5,000 LB. It moved much like a very heavy vault door, if you have ever had the chance to play with one of those. It would be similar to moving a larger KK. No gate problems after that install
  7. Lots of New Teak & Stainless Cabinets in Stock

    Peels off
  8. Lots of New Teak & Stainless Cabinets in Stock

    Dennis makes some beautiful cabinets
  9. That is sooo incredibly sad,,, Our hearts and prayers go out to you and the rest of the family. Senseless act hardly covers it.
  10. Cars you have owned that made you smile

    How many miles do you have on that little stealth rocket?
  11. Cars you have owned that made you smile

    You need a track on which to ride that thing! What does it weigh with that 146hp?
  12. Cars you have owned that made you smile

    How does the new one compare to the old one?
  13. Peeling any ideas is this normal

  14. Peeling any ideas is this normal

    I have dome peeling, cap peeling, firebox(grilling area) peeling. I have to make sure the the particles are off the grill before food gets there.
  15. I had a steep grade, a flight of stairs, used heavy equipment and got creative on the stairs with plywood sheathing on the treads and rolled it down the slope with a chainfall arresting the fall of the KK 32. It too myself and one other person. Enjoy your new 32, it's one heck of a cooker!