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  1. You are really going to love the BB32. It is so versatile.
  2. I assume no belching volcano's and your health is back up to speed?
  3. On return leg of your next tripto Yellowstone you might want to stop at Holei in the Ground in central Oregon. It is about the size of Meteor Crater in Az. We have camped there and pursued other hobbies using that big hole. This was taken at the rim of the hole in November several years ago. We were visiting a friends nearby ranch and stayeddown at the rim of the hole so we could use its good natural backstop. Google Earth has a photo taken during the dry summer.
  4. It still works but I just complain so when it quits working nobody will be surprised The biggest causality is trying to sell this Lever Espresso Machine.
  5. Very well! Nice smoky flavor and still very moist. A lot of that cloud was steam and drippings when I opened the lid, but I always try to get enough smoke to exit the temp probe holes because that is grill level. that was a 350f cook.
  6. A little pork and asparagus over mesquite fire using coffee wood mini splits for smoke. This was on the fire after the corned beef.
  7. FotonDrv

    Oh oh

    I did make them, by making a 1”thick plywood template of the wing shape and then perfectly covering that with cardboard. I clamped the copper to the templates onto a work table then used a ballpeen hammer to make the dents. I flipped the plywood over and used a new piece of cardboard for the other wing. My only regret was I should have used lighter gauge copper.
  8. FotonDrv

    Oh oh

    It is hammered copper covers for the stainless steel and teak.
  9. FotonDrv

    Oh oh

    The 32 is really the way to go. I have cooked on original kamados (pre-Big Green Egg) and California Kamados (1980's vintage) for years but getting the 32KK has been a revelation in cooking. Big and heavy (rolls easily) yes, but as a disabled veteran of 72 yrs of youth I still love it.
  10. That is sort of a pond scum move on their part! Truth is not always appreciated but the way in which it is dealt tells all.
  11. In the Komodo Kamado world he sure is well known for some pretty good idea and recipes.
  12. Thats a good price for a seriously great cooker! I absolutely love my BB32, fill the firebox and light whichever end you want to cook on, or the whole thing, and the dampers control the fire perfectly.
  13. That’s when air travel was a pleasure and you actually got silverware in the early 60’s late 50’s. As to the dual damper system i rarely play with them, just run them wide open and shut them to kill the fire. If i was trying to keep a low slow fire i might stop them dowm and regulate with only the large aperture damper. The top damper is what i use the most.
  14. Jack is a very calm fellow, as you would expect an explosives expert to be. His other hobby is filming race car right down on the track as close as he can get. Another buddy of mine was EOD in Vietnam and he really is the epitome of calm. It takes a lot to get his adrenaline going. He was one of 6 Marines that I met that were in the ordnance section on the flight line in DaNang loading bombs, and on occasion defusing them if they failed to drop off the jets when on a bomb run. That would be pretty scary! He told me of an incident where he was asked to defuse a bomb on a jet that was still hanging on one of the 2 toggles and sitting on the flight line a long way from the hangars.
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