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  1. BonFire

    32 Big Bad Setup

    I've found with the way my backyard is (back is lower than house) by raising the height of the relay unit (just be sure its still doing the handshake with the Meater+ in your KK) i gain a few more meters.
  2. BonFire

    32 Big Bad Setup

    Meater works great for rotisserie, but poor range with 1st model....Meater+ gives me another 20meters.......just gets me out of the rain
  3. BonFire

    A Diamond in the rough

    I'm impressed you have the box to go with it , love those old items from a bygone era.
  4. BonFire

    A Diamond in the rough

    The bottle opener was given to me by a friend, not sure of age, and the clock was hanging on a wall in a delicatessen that my parents bought in the mid-seventies.....long as its got a battery works fine.
  5. BonFire

    A Diamond in the rough

    Nice find, sign alone be over the price paid, is that a coke bottle opener on it as well. Sweet
  6. BonFire

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Looks good as always mate.....making me hungry
  7. BonFire

    StRaya Day

    Thought you would, David Boon lol....missing the Leyland Bros.
  8. BonFire

    Boneless lamb rolled shoulder

    Nicely done mate....good day for it today
  9. Believe it or not less concussions and head trauma than a gridiron player by far, hence no need for helmets our rules and code of conduct protect AFL players from head injuries, well try to anyways.
  10. BonFire

    Thats not a cow

    Imagine the rump caps off this fella....or the ribs
  11. BonFire

    Rotisserie inspiration

    The point is only used to pierce your cook...and then removed...well thats what I've been doing, and as MacKenzie does I also pierce the meat (usually the fat cap on the rump) with a knife to make it easier.
  12. BonFire

    Rotisserie inspiration

    Get onto a nice rump cap and have a go at a Picanha, so easy and a crowd favourite
  13. BonFire

    My new/used 23 KK

    I'd do express