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  1. Scored one of these couple of years ago.....took it away with us Easter just gone. Just stores in its own dedicated box bit of charcoal and wood, and cooks up a treat.
  2. So Dennis, those 2 top end grills would fit the 32's
  3. There was one uTube segment i watched a while ago on Binchotan being made in Japan, bit of mission making it but i guess charcoal is like that. You've got my attention with it being in Aus. Would like a sample on my Lodge Sportsman Grill
  4. Hi Paul...just my 2cents....ive done a few roti cooks in my 32 with the basket split length ways like this using a few SS pegs to keep these pieces in situ. Have since learnt to put the fuel in the back section now. Do all my picanha, chook and lamb chop cooks without any alfoil or deflectors, sorry i'll put some alfoil on the empty side to keep that area clean The KK's depth allows you to do so, long as your running a reasonable temp.
  5. BonFire


    Used exact some mop a couple of days ago, mixed mine 50/50 with coke....came out a treat, gotta luv those burnt ends
  6. Everything they said plus the rottisserie is a big bonus in my book.
  7. You do know the Stray Cats had a tune called Looking Better Every Beer.....just saying
  8. Just realised thread started in 2016....also keen to know if cook went through a stall with any wrapping....thnx anyone
  9. Also interested in your rub, doing a brisket for our annual Anzac Day/poker day...got a nice Nimbin Grass Fed Wagyu - Brisket i'm putting on. Never tried the high heat way so would work out perfect with the early rising to attend the dawn service on the day.
  10. Do pizza's with your burn in, thnx for the video your a natural.
  11. Wings as well tonite, grandson loves them as we all do Malcom Reed style, with a little Meat Church dusting. Also finally got my BBQ Buttula, for all those larger morsels
  12. I've found with the way my backyard is (back is lower than house) by raising the height of the relay unit (just be sure its still doing the handshake with the Meater+ in your KK) i gain a few more meters.
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