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  1. You do know the Stray Cats had a tune called Looking Better Every Beer.....just saying
  2. Just realised thread started in 2016....also keen to know if cook went through a stall with any wrapping....thnx anyone
  3. Also interested in your rub, doing a brisket for our annual Anzac Day/poker day...got a nice Nimbin Grass Fed Wagyu - Brisket i'm putting on. Never tried the high heat way so would work out perfect with the early rising to attend the dawn service on the day.
  4. Do pizza's with your burn in, thnx for the video your a natural.
  5. Wings as well tonite, grandson loves them as we all do Malcom Reed style, with a little Meat Church dusting. Also finally got my BBQ Buttula, for all those larger morsels
  6. I've found with the way my backyard is (back is lower than house) by raising the height of the relay unit (just be sure its still doing the handshake with the Meater+ in your KK) i gain a few more meters.
  7. Meater works great for rotisserie, but poor range with 1st model....Meater+ gives me another 20meters.......just gets me out of the rain
  8. I'm impressed you have the box to go with it , love those old items from a bygone era.
  9. The bottle opener was given to me by a friend, not sure of age, and the clock was hanging on a wall in a delicatessen that my parents bought in the mid-seventies.....long as its got a battery works fine.
  10. Nice find, sign alone be over the price paid, is that a coke bottle opener on it as well. Sweet
  11. Looks good as always mate.....making me hungry
  12. Thought you would, David Boon lol....missing the Leyland Bros.
  13. Nicely done mate....good day for it today
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