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  1. Dennis, I can honestly say that this was a car I have never seen nor heard of!! I can see a similarity to the Karmann Ghia. How did it handle?
  2. Charles, that hard tailed Harley sure looks nice BUTT my backside gets sore thinking about the hardtail, but a great around town cruiser! Very good looking
  3. Aussie, Triumph sure has come a long way in 50 years! Nice ride!! Was that an ambulance I see in the photos??!! I can see you appreciate useful vehicles as do I. My sports cars were/are for just the smile
  4. Is the firebox lined with cement?
  5. First car, I owned 1/2, a neighbor kid and I bought it for $50 each and we took turns driving it. Second car. 3rd car, 1937 Ford. This is a photo of another one but the only difference is that mine had black lacquer fenders. 4th, 1959 Sprite. Got broadsided in a parking lot so I cut the front end off, put a frame under it and a small block Ford V8 in it. You can just barely see a holley 4 barrel sticking through the hood. Although I did not "OWN" it I certainly called it mine. I was in charge of it and drive it to hell and back. 5th, 1968 TR4a-IRS after putting 60k miles on it in 14 months I stuffed a 289 Ford V8 under the hood. 6th, 1971 3/4 ton Ford Van, converted for camping. 7th owned at the same time as the 6th. My commuter vehicle Honda 600 Sedan. 600cc air cooled was a great little car to drive until I got run off the road by a drunk. It was either a headon or take to the soft shoulder and when I steered it back onto the road at 50mph it tripped on the asphalt lip and went airborne! Pretty dramatic but no injuries for me or my Girlfriend, which was amazing. The drunk never stopped but I encountered someone who also saw him weaving and speeding on that mountain road. Mine was white. 3 days after the wreck. Amazing what duct taped and convertible rear window plastic will do in place of glass. I drove it 400 miles home in the rain with the wipers going! The we decided to fix it. We chopped the roof did the bodywork and ran it another 25K miles before selling it. 8th, 1968 VW Bus in Baja California on a fishing/surfing trip and Santo Tomas Quatras Casas. Fun machines to use when taking the VW Bus into the desert. I had a rack on the rear of the buses to take them. d d 9th, 1972 VW Van. Loved driving this but had to sell it to buy a work truck. Sold this to a sweet looking blond woman that looked very secretary type with pantsuit and all. Turned out to be Secret Service Agent!! Always wondered where is was used after I sold it... 10th, 1970 1 Ton Chevy, converted to utility. I also owned this while I had the work truck. 1966 Bug. 1937 D-2 Caterpillar I owned for several years making trails and hauling firewood. I came in handy pu;lling neighbors out of ditches I traded a 1" drive Proto ratchet wrench and a $100 for the utility bed! Drove and worked it for 20 years. 1968 Pontiac. My $135 roller to get up the dirt road comfortably. It finally biodegraded.. Had the truck at the same time. Road AFTER the phone company worked on it... More like wrecked it!! Had this at the same time since it made getting around in the mountains very easy. 11th, Pontiac Grand Am, the smile was more a shriek of horror and panic! It had the second worse brakes of any vehicle I have owned. It would have made a good target. 12th, GMC 1994 3/4 ton Suburban 4x4 with all the HD towing stuff. The worst brakes, ABS allowed me to cruise into vehicles and make a big mess twice! Unplugged the brake system and it worked fine. Finally gave up and got a Honda Element which had great brakes! Honda was a good car but very noisy interior! The current rides. 2009 and2011 MINI's.
  6. I sooo love lamb chops in the KK!!! I once traded a few weeks work for 2 lambs full butchered. Chops and eggs for breakfast for a long time!
  7. The drawing board is my problem, I am lefthanded and nothing ever turns out perfect I would actually love to be able to make a good dough, as I would love to do Latte Art, but that too has eluded me.
  8. OK, that makes me feel better knowing that it is probably what my pizza crusts are lacking and it makes a whole lot of sense if you want a think somewhat crunchy crust, not doughy or bread like. Thanks for all the input
  9. OK, here is a question that my wife posed. Are you cooking the dough first and adding the toppings and then firing it again to melt the cheeses? Now I had never thought about doing this but I can see her point in making a thin crust that is crispy. What say y'all?
  10. Then there is this that is a fairly simple fluid bed roaster.
  11. You have more control of how old the beans are when you using them. There is a learning curve to roasting but not insurmountable. I had more difficulty with the software and eventually gave up and just roast with sight, sound and smell.
  12. Dennis, I have to ask why you are going with the small fluid bed roaster instead of a small drum roaster? You can put probes and a computer on the drum to see what you are doing or you can buy a drum roaster with all that stuff on it. I added insulation to this drum shell but it is not necessary to get this roaster going. It is a Quest M3 made in Taiwan, comes in either 120V or 240V models. Then there are these: Or these, which are made in Tiawain I think and imported to the USA for this distributor.
  13. My wife just tosses me lout of the kitchen whenever she is around. You pizza skills are showing
  14. You are starting to fall down the rabbit hole of good coffee, via Lever, grinder and Roaster
  15. That came out waaaay better than my first attempt! Good job