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  1. As a kid we did our part when camping by removing oak bark from fallen trees to be used for the BBQ/kamado my dad brought back from Japan; that was 1959....
  2. She was an accountant, so she is the calculating type, but fearless, even after a few crashes while jumping trying to save people whose chute did not deploy correctly. She has been a good friend for 55 years, she still jumps occasionally but judges in the National Championships. She was doing mixed gas dives into Truk Lagoon to dive on the sunken Japanese fleet out of curiosity when she remembered something I told her before she left on the trip, "you will be diving in a graveyard". That sunk in somewhere at depth....
  3. Here is a cook I did last winter. Seared on the low grate, finished on the high grate at the same time cooking something else. The pumpkin pie was pretty good, as was the roast
  4. She showed me a video of doing HALO Jumps and going sucbe into the blue holes in the Caribbean, I tell you she is fearless
  5. For a while she worked for an Unlimited Class Offshore Ocean Racing Team and she showed me a video for one of their boats going 100mph in open ocean. Pretty interesting and then it dawned on me, how did you get the video, and her reply, "I took it myself from the other boat"... She has been friends with a particular group of Vietnam Veterans, Marines, and they unanimously agree that she has the largest set of huevos of all of them!
  6. She is a real type T person (T for thrill). Her brother would never jump out of an airplane so she took him on a last ride with scattering his ashes off Angel Falls in Venezuela, and that was not her first leap off that cliff! Now that is an OMG moment! That little spec of white in the jungle floor is the landing zone. And no, I would not jump either
  7. I think I tried to eat the screen!!! Mac, that looks beyond good
  8. If the ground is level and you lay thick plywood on the ground using two pieces to leap frog them then two people rolling it will work. If you have any slope get the neighborhood involved It is a heavy beast but rolls on smooth surfaces easily.
  9. My friend was sitting next to Santa as one of the elves. She has the other Santa hat on. She commented that the plane did not like flying with the passenger outside and it created so much drag that it was sinking like a stone.
  10. Hey Dennis, I found a new delivery system for you, but Santa only flies once a year.
  11. Actually that was what I thought when we moved here and later found out it was a British Officer named Lt. Peter Orchard who first sailed into the inlet to document its existence.
  12. We give them away to friends and to the local senior citizen center. We make jam with some of them but since sugar is my downfall I try not to eat sweets, but fail miserably. We tried freezing them but it does something chemically to them and they turn out bitter! Can't figure that one.
  13. Hope all is well Dan and you at least able to produce a good cup of coffee
  14. They are actually vines, 2 of them, and they get plenty of light and heat reflected off the bay, and then reflected back off the house.
  15. Never tried red cherry plums! We did plant a kiwi that is supposed to have red fruit but as yet no fruit where the green kiwi are prolific. The thing we enjoy the most is the blueberries, especially the pink lemonade variety.