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  1. GolfPro2301, did you rename your KK? I would lean heavily toward Lazarus
  2. Coffee Char is good on Fowl, actually pretty good for many things.
  3. Thanks, that is a very neat, precise cut of that paper!! Had me fooled
  4. I am ready to go to bed and am suddenly hungry! That is a good idea. Is the "Platter" they are sitting on a big tortilla?
  5. Nice job on that bracket Dennis!! Simple and effective.
  6. The move must have been easy.
  7. Not as bad ss mam ruoc! A place you DON NOT WANT TO BE is the sauces isle in an asian supermarket during an earthquake. The potential for big stink is everywhere and every dog and cat in the neighborhood would be following you.
  8. Ridgeback is a pretty singular hunting dog, are you going after bear or hogs?? The Anantolian shepherd is something of which I know nothing but judging by where they are from and what they were bred to do I suspect they are much more like the GSD.
  9. Cha gio (no accent marks assigned) is the "spring roll" without rice paper wrapping. It uses the potsticker style wraps that are grainy. Generally they have the contents ground up before wrapping and sealing in their cocoon for frying. Goi cuon (no accents since this machine won't do it) is the "Spring roll" that is NOT fried and always wrapped in thin rice paper wraps. The contents have thin rice noodles as a base for the contents along with a vegetable thinly sliced, like cucumbers and carrots, and a little meat like shrimp or pork w/fat. The Hoisin sauce based dipping sauce is one way to go and the fish sauce based dipping sauce is another. I horrified my wife when I requested mam ruoc (again no accents!) as a base sauce. A lot more flavor although pretty stinky
  10. Good doggy! Congratulations Rumor!! They are such loyal companions, and super smart. Their nose and ears are such an asset to the military and law enforcement it should be no surprise to anyone who has owned one that they excell at all sorts of things. Ours will get the newspaper for us and take it into our home, packages from FedEx,UPS and take it home and entire repertoire of commands and actions in 2 languages as well as hand signals and whistles. This one knows colors; red, blue, yellow, green, white and black, so when she has a ball I can designate what color of ball to go get and she will do it!! Same with Frisbees, and yes, they are color blind but they sure as heck know different shade of whatever color they do see. I am working with my 6th one in 40 years but my first indoor GSD. Alarm system?? Ha!! She triggers before the alarm does Can you make it to the gate before she gets there?
  11. First cook on the 42??
  12. Getting it down the stairway was more difficult because of the limited space to maneuver.
  13. This is the latest brand she uses, but I know has used others.
  14. I do believe I heard a cringe when you Posted this! I get some very good Vietnamese food and dearly love these with hoisin and peanuts and vinegar/or lime and sriracha sauce all mixed.
  15. The dog did love it and as long as the ground was frozen it was OK with me, but then it got warm and the white turned to grey.