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  1. Re: Christmas Turkey This year I cut the legs/thighs off and put them on the KK later (for my 17lber, 1 hour was too quick, I'd go 2 hours next time). I will be doing this from now on. Everything comes out right, with limited fussing about.
  2. Re: KK in the background shot for a PR campaign Noooooo, we have pro-monopoly rules in place here in Nova Scotia. About 20 years ago, the government sold off the utility with a clause of guaranteed yearly 8-9% profit. Hilarious. At any rate, maybe the shots will cough up another sale in the province....
  3. Nova Scotia Power has decided it needs to explain why they need to make so much money, lol, so they have been shooting quick faqs. We had one done at our house, and they squeezed the kk in the background. Not much, but I thought I'd share.
  4. Re: Knives Somebody here does, lol.
  5. Re: Knives Dumb dumb didn't realize there was a retail store there. Thanks.
  6. Re: Knives I agree! viewtopic.php?f=35&t=928 I am also buying this book Gerard recommended. Can't believe the deal.[/quote:2kz5b6ti]Can you guys tell me where to find these online? All I seem to find are the Apex's....
  7. Re: KK's website gone after Google's latest Algorithm Fucking idiotic.
  8. Re: ET-732 Question I don't think so. I believe there is something different about the range and probe on that port, but I could be wrong. I'll try it later.
  9. Re: New Hot Grill Grabbers Very nice.
  10. Re: First run with the Auberins controller Controller works great. I've got pics on here somewhere of what I did...I'll look. I don't know what ever happened to that thread, but it's pretty simple. Just make another back plate (or drill and tap it for a ss nipple) and use that as the hose adapter.
  11. Re: Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details Leg of lamb, slow roasted at 200-235 for a few hours, then cranked up to 450 to finish at 155.
  12. Re: VersaGrill Just received mine today. Thanks! Excellent job on the shipping too. BTW, where the hell were you when I was looking for someone to design SS racks for my Primo XL!
  13. Re: Clamp and Seal Sous Vide (The "Dead Greek Guy" Method)) Here's another take on a circulator. ... mid=100083
  14. Re: It's here! Metallic looks really sharp.
  15. Re: Review of the 2011 Komodo Kamado 23" OTB Gen 2.4 Ultimat I like that new plug. Could you PM me some dimensions for that Dennis? I can get one machined here.