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  1. This has to be among the greatest threads I've read on any forum...BBQ, cigars, Rum, Scotch, and even fine tequila. You guys know how to grab my attention. I'm a fan of the cubans with the majority of my collection from Ramon Allones, La Gloria Cubana, Partagas with several choice boxes each of bolivar, cohiba, Punch, Por Larranaga and Trinidad. I used to have more than a lifetimes worth but I think its down now to a more managable 50 years worth or so I've recently discovered really good tequila through the Cuervo Familia Reserva which just blew me away and completely changed my percepti
  2. man that bad boy looks awesome. I just ordered a brisket to cook Thur. Gonna do coffee/cardamom rub on a high heat cook starting in the morning as the in laws are arriving for dinner at 6:30.
  3. Great idea. I'm always looking to simplify the process of getting to the coals and loading and unloading the racks.
  4. This looks fantastic Dennis, gonna have to give this a go if I can find some fresh kafir lime leaves. Traveling through Thailand is a feast for all the senses for sure.
  5. this does look awesome! Will have to try this. Just threw a boneless lamb shoulder in a ziplock overnight with thyme, rosemary, garlic and a little lemon. Was going to go for pulled lamb tomorrow night.
  6. Have you guys found a need or benefit to wrapping in foil with the KK once the brisket reaches 150-160 deg? Obviously one of the biggest benefits to the KK is the retained moisture in our cooks. Obviously moist and tender WITH a great bark is ideal but does any of this have to give on the KK? Any insight is appreciated. I've got an 8 pound trimmed whole packer going on later this evening.
  7. These pics look great and thanks for the details. While we will be traveling this year for Thanksgiving I'll definitely give this a go a few times this Fall.
  8. Re: Definition of OTB First off Dennis, I'm not surprised. I do my best thinking in the open air Bangkok markets Dollar for dollar there is no better gastro experience in the world than walking the streets of Bangkok Michael, any specific chateau's you enjoy in the 25-40 range? I'll be in France for 2 weeks next month and while our focus will be Loire and Rhone I am planning a day or 2 in Bordeaux. As usual I hear the best village wines never leave the area which is what I'll focus on. I love the treasure hunt that is finding incredible wines without an incredible label.
  9. Hi all, my name is Alan and I couldn't be more excited to welcome a new 23" in vibrant blue to Charleston next month. The KK was love at first sight thanks to a couple of fellow owners here in Charleston. I'm passionate about great food from all over the world, wine, whisky, cuban cigars, crossfit and travel. I enjoy playing golf and my handle stems from my online poker days. I'm looking forward to mixing it up with you all and learning how to make the most of the quality food I throw on this beast. Cheers, Alan
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