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  1. I have trouble with low temperatures on the 23". First, I have to be extremely precise in how far I twist the dial since a difference between just a few degrees on the dial can result in a big swing in temperature. There are no markings to guide me. Also, I need to squat down and in the dark try to see where the dial is. Lastly, when I want to shut down the grill I need to be very careful to make sure the dial is completely closed. If there is a better dial on the larger grill with markings then I'd happily upgrade. I'd love to be able to see precisely that when 1 hole is visible the temperatu
  2. Looks beautiful. I like those tiles. I wouldn't have picked vibrant blue from the photos on the KK web site but would now that I've seen them up close they are really varied and pretty. I'm curious how you find the size of the grill. Those small ones look so cute. I'm wondering how well it smokes - are the coals too close to the meat? And can you easily fit a whole chicken or two on there? I've got a larger one but have contemplated getting the small one for small cooks just for my family.
  3. I think you should test the metal rod concept to see if it really reduces heat transfer. As for foil friendly, I've got a roasting pan with two handles and every so often I want to seal it tight with foil. The handles get in the way. If you wanted to make it easy to wrap with foil with NO gaps around where the handles are, make the handles jut out to the sides slightly leaving perhaps a 1 cm gap. That way the top edge of the pan is uninterrupted. Kind of tough to explain without pictures. Here is a roasting pan where the handles get in the way when wrapping... http://www.amazon.com/All-Cla
  4. No. Bitter herbs are things like endive and horseradish.
  5. Next time I'll put the meat in 3 to 9 o'clock but good tip on how to extend the indirect area. Brisket tasted good cold. Very easy to slice when cold out of fridge and fat separated too so it was easy to remove some of it. Serving it with some homemade BBQ sauce. Also some grilled asparagus topped with chopped charred lemon slices and lemon zest.
  6. I forgot that I the recipe suggested I cook the meat fat side up for most of the time but flip for the 4th hour. That's when I switched it all to the main grate.
  7. Finished cooking the brisket tonight without using the kitchen oven. The KK kept an amazingly stable 230 for a few hours before I foiled it. Then I threw it back on and it kept the same temp for another few hours. Amazing! I did cheat a bit by heat soaking the ceramic heat deflector in the oven while the grill got up to temp. Probably took about an hour to stabilize temp. I was being very cautious about getting it up to temp slowly. I was surprised how much meat I could cook. I put a full 11 pound brisket on the main grate and a flat 5 pounder on the upper grate. I probably could have fit both
  8. I am doing a brisket too but a different way. I'm going to smoke it in the kk for a few hours with a spice rub. Then foil it, add a small amount of liquid (not braising), and cook on low for many more hours in the kitchen oven. The first part of the cook gives it a smokey flavor and bark. The second causes the fat to break down so it is very tender throughout. I've tried braising a tough cut of meat before using the kk. First I cooked on low like 250 for a few hours and did a spice rub all over the meat. Then I took the meat and braised it by putting it in a dutch oven with enough liquid to co
  9. I think doing a sear over half basket and then indirect to finish them off might work, but I have no first-hand experience with it. I'm wondering a similar thing. I've got 3 steaks in the fridge and wonder if and how I should use the basket splitter. I want to do reverse sear and first do a slow cook, like 300 degrees, until internal steak temperature is 95. And then sear it very hot. I want to minimize the amount of wasted coal. I know that when you shut all the dampers the coals are supposed to go out, but from my experience I think (but am not sure) they keep burning a bit leading to some w
  10. Not the searing grate? Does it burn for you? Get a nice crust? Do you use a high temp?
  11. Grilled rib eye using a technique described by Adam Perry Lang in Charred and Scruffed. Amazing flavor. Super tender. There are a lot of aspects to the recipe but I actually think the key thing is frequent basting with butter. Here are the steps. If you want the details buy the book. Score the steaks so there are more nooks and crannies for the flavors. Rub with mixture of salt, pepper, garlic salt, and cayenne. Make an herb brush with thyme, rosemary, and sage. Make a basting liquid with olive oil, butter, garlic, onion, soy sauce, thyme, lemon, and vinegar. I used the basket splitter so I'd
  12. My basket splitter came with 4 pieces and I'm not clever enough to figure out how to use them. Some photos would be handy along with tips about when to use the different pieces. I think I figured out I can put the vertical divider into the charcoal basket to split it exactly in half. And then there is a solid half moon I can lay on top of one half to presumably block and direct fire that comes up from one side. Would you ever use the half moon without the splitter? And there are two half moon grates that I don't know how to use. Is there any guidance on how to orient the charcoal basket when t
  13. Do you get a commission on these sales? Why are these grates better for fish? Is it easier to turn with that special spatula?
  14. I've only been cooking on the KK for a couple weeks now and am still getting the hang of achieving my desired temperature. For the first few cooks it got too hot. Recently what I've done is lit a single paraffin started cube, closed the lid, and immediately set the dampers to where I think I'll get the desired temp. So if it is 250 degrees, for example, I'll close the dampers almost all the way. Then I just wait and wait. It can take a very long time - like over an hour - to get the grill up to my desired temperature. I watched a video for a different kamado where the cook used a different app
  15. I rubbed some trout with olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper, and sumac. Stuffed body with thyme sprigs. Used regular lump and no smoking wood. When grill was around 300 after about 30 min I put them on the lower rack and turned a couple times. Total cook time around 20 minutes mostly lid closed. I also coated some sliced lemon in olive oil and put the slices on the rack with the fish. Pretty tasty. Some smokiness. I had trouble not breaking the akin when turning and the skin wasn't as crispy as I would have liked. Flavor was very good. The lemon slices were amazing. Some got a little cha
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