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  1. Yeah, its been a while, let the new people carry the torch but I'm still a big fan of the KK. Talk to Dennis every once in a while, always great to talk to him, still has the same excitement and drive that he always has had. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying Kooking.
  2. I have two, one of the very first ones coming out and then one of the newer versions. Both get used regularly and are in terrific condition. First one is over 10 years old. Best investment I ever made, can't even count how many awesome meals I have made and compliments I have gotten and I'm really not that good of a cook!
  3. Yeah, I hear ya. Hopefully Richard and Bridezilla are dead by now!
  4. Ha....I've still been around, just letting all the newbies enjoy posting about their experiences and sharing their excitement! I still use my two KK's just about every weekend and very much enjoy Kooking! Hope you all are still doing the same.
  5. Looking to share a pallet of extruded to Atlanta, let me know if anyone is interested. Dennis please let me know if you can do better than $250 shipping. That is what came up on the store site.
  6. Re: Meltique Beef the world's finest larded meat? Why not let alice give the review!
  7. Re: Forum Upgrade-Upload multiple images at once! What happened to the view unread posts at the top of the pages?
  8. Re: Temperature Probes Maverick ET732 is the best out there for the money. http://www.amazon.com/Maverick-Wireless ... 567&sr=8-1
  9. Re: Atlanta (pallet share) Well unfortunately I already have someone coming to purchase 4 boxes from me and that only leaves me 10 and I wish to keep these. Hopefully more people in this area will hear about it and you can get another pallet share together. Did a low and slow last night and this stuff rocks. Just load it, light it and sleep easy. I've got her cranked down and will check shortly how much is left. I used about half a box but I'm willing to bet there is still half the stuff left even after about 15 hours.
  10. Re: Atlanta (pallet share) Jeff Leising and I received our charcoal this week. Time to test it out. Thanks Dennis.
  11. Re: New Guru plug design finalized and in production What if we don't use a guru but just want to fill in the hole with something nice like this instead of the hunk of grout?
  12. Re: Not Bragging- Really! If you guys could brave the N'easter on the snowy roads then surely you could brave the back porch for a cook . We want reviews while we wait for ours.
  13. tcoliver

    Hall's Hill

    Re: Hall's Hill I agree, I assume this charcoal won't be cheap so there may not be enough wow factor to warrant the extra cost for just a great burn especially now that we have coco. I think the benefits of the coffee charcoal are going to be in the flavor, I would go with the real tasty version.
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