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  1. Re: Easter Ham Thanks for all of the nice comments! The glaze is brown sugar, honey, irish butter, pineapple juice, ground cloves and cayenne pepper. You put it all in a sauce pan bring it to a boil and then let it simmer until it becomes syrupy. Then you put it over the ham every fifteen minutes for the last 1/4 of your cooking time. I also injected the ham with a marinade and rubbed it with a dry rub and let it sit in a cooler for over 24 hours before smoking it.
  2. I made this 14.5 lb. ham for Easter and it turned out great! n68462
  3. Re: We're all ok. Earthquake was far away.. That's really good to hear Dennis! As soon as I heard about the earthquake I thought about you guys.
  4. Re: Smoke Daddy I have never tried one but I am not sure why you would need it with the KK. Just cut some smoke wood up in chunks the size of your fist or you can buy it cut up from different outlets such as Lowes, Bass Pro, Home Depot etc. The more smoke you want the more chunks you throw on the fire. I often mix woods together for low and slows depending upon the type of meat I am smoking or I will use smoke wood when I sear my steaks.
  5. Re: Two KKs going to Luanda, Angola.. Wow! They must really want their KK's in a hurry, but who could blame them!
  6. Re: Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from myself and KK. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone on the KK site!
  7. Re: Happy Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving to Dennis and all of his family along with the KK community. I have been enjoying my KK since 2008 and I am always finding new things to try on it.
  8. Re: Shipped our first grill to Hungary today.. Congrats, Dennis! Hope this just one of many KK's to come to new countries!
  9. Re: outdoor kitchen I have a Weber gasser that has been sitting in my shed since I got the KK! I have not used it since the day the KK arrived at my home. If I was you I would forgo the gasser and just stick with the KK.
  10. Re: 4th of July 2011 I did two racks of baby back ribs for Friday evening and two pork butts for a Saturday party that all turned out excellent! I hope all have a great fourth and keep on KK'ing!!!
  11. Re: Ok, some of you new kiwi members need to explain this! "Varley told The Dominion Post that the concoction was most popular amongst his lady customers and admits to having tried some himself, describing the taste as "like custard." That is just nasty!
  12. Re: First anniversary of my 50th Birthday! Dennis, Happy belated birthday and I hope for your continued success! You have made an excellent product and stand behind 110%!!! I would just like to say to you THANK YOU!!!
  13. Re: Perfect Brisket No, I usually cook with Royal Oak or Cowboy and then add chunks of wood to the fire while the temperature is getting up to where I put the meat on the smoker. I have never had an issue with bitterness from smoke wood. I think the secret to smoke wood is to add a couple of chunks of the wood without getting the smoker too hot where the wood is catching fire. I will bring the smoker up to temperature (which is 225 degrees) with the smoke wood already on the coals in order to get that white smoke out of the way. I will be doing a couple of pork butts this Friday night for a Saturday graduation party where I will use two different types of wood to bring out the best flavor. Once the pork butts are off I will be grilling up about around twenty five pounds of chicken breast for the same party! I will be very busy this weekend!!!
  14. Re: Perfect Brisket I really wanted brisket sandwiches but no luck since there were no left overs. However, I will have pulled pork this week since I make four today!
  15. This brisket turned out perfect! I rubbed this brisket with my homemade rub, wrapped it and let it sit overnight in the fridge and then smoked it with three kinds of wood on the KK for 9.5 hours until it hit 192. Pulled it off the KK wrapped it up and put it into the cooler for 45 minutes and then sliced it down! n68056
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