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  1. Make sure the damper on your fan isn’t wide open. I just bought a cyber Q and I’ve noticed you have to dial the damper on the fan more than half closed. I also own a 21 KK.
  2. Thanks for all the great replies. I’m gonna try and give pizza another try very soon.
  3. Hi, I was curious when y’all make pizza do u guys use a heat deflector on the lower grate and pizza stone on the extended grate? That’s how I’ve done my first few pizzas. Those first few came out good crust was good. Last night same set up but dough wasn’t crispy but kinda soggy. It’s seems like last night the pizza stone didn’t get hot enough. I had the grilled warmed up at 500 degrees for 2 hours but everything was sticking to the pizza stone which probably meant the stone wasn’t hot enough. If u don’t use a heat deflector does the pizza stone get to hot??? I don’t wanna burn the bottom of the crust and not cook the ingredients.
  4. Thanks, I’m definitely gonna try on my next steaks.
  5. Congratulations on your new grill. I have the exact same grill. I’ve owned mine for about 4 months. What’s your steak secret?
  6. According to Smart Fire no adapter is needed for the newer KK’s with the fan port. The fan should work the existing fan port.
  7. keep us posted if it fits pls
  8. Does smart fire have a fan adapter for the KK?
  9. I’m a sucker for a good sale. I’m even a sucker for free shipping especially where I live. With Labor Day coming up I’m eyeing the Bbq Guru website.
  10. yup no make shift taping stuff to my grill. It’s a definite no for me.
  11. Haha yes I feel the same. Who’s supplying the tape?
  12. Flame boss has an adapter that works with the KK fan port. I also have a 21 and I also had large egg(sold). Your gonna love your grill. I’ve had mine for about 2 months. Your gonna be totally impressed with size of the grill grates. What color did u get?
  13. I’m not happy with their answer. I really wanted an adapter to work with the fan port on my KK. I really don’t want to take apart my vent and use tape. The cyber Q is looking really attractive now.
  14. I finally got a reply back from Thermoworks after showing them pics of the KK fan port. This is the response I got. “I would recommend pulling the vent assembly out, remove the wooden handle then use one of the 3 vent holes and taping the other two. Without knowing what's behind the vent that is the best option” So I’m guessing Thermoworks isn’t making an adapter to adapt billows to the KK.
  15. I just got done chatting with a customer service agent and asked if there will be any adapters for the KK. He referred me to the adapters that are available now. I informed him that those adapters won’t work with the KK. I just received email asking for pictures of the KK and the fan port. So fingers crossed that Thermoworks will soon make an adapter to fit the KK.
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