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  1. How are y’all like your signals? I’m considering getting one. Thermoworks always makes great products. Right now I’m undecided it’s a toss up between signals or the Cyber Q.
  2. Why do deals like this appear everywhere but where I live. Nice grill the next owner is going to be super lucky
  3. I inquired before it was available. According to Thermoworks they will have adapters for certain grills available soon.
  4. No I woke up fully clothed. If I woke up naked I would be super worried. Hahaha.
  5. No one woke me up. I was sawing logs on the swinging couch outside. I’m just glad there are no photos of me in all my glory last night on social media today.
  6. So last night I cooked some ribs. Ribs turned out terrific. Everyone kept saying they were the best ribs I made so far. I got so drunk I passed out. I woke up at 4am and my KK was still going strong at 450 degrees. So my grill must have on for at least 12 hours if not longer at I’m guessing 450 degrees. I still got some charcoal left over. I found this incident funny but what wasn’t funny was I had to go to work with hangover. Just wanted to share my funny moment (funny to me).
  7. I have to agree with you South American lump is a lot more dense. I really miss Wicked Goods Jake’s blend charcoal. It was difficult to light but once it got going there’s was no stopping it. It had very little ash after every cook. The next cook shake the ash off and there’s still a lot of charcoal leftover never had to add very much. To bad Wicked Goods Jake’s blend is no longer in production.
  8. Alohapiggy


    Thanks Dennis. That’s why I bought your grill. Less maintenance and more cooking/drinking time
  9. Alohapiggy


    Got it. Thanks
  10. Alohapiggy


    How long is the gasket suppose to last?
  11. Nice grill and great price.
  12. Just curious was this KK from San Francisco?? My brother lives there and he was eyeing a KK on Let it go. Oh sorry congratulations on the new KK.
  13. Your probably gonna owe your friend a ribeye after he gets out of the emergency room.
  14. Beautiful and congratulations on the new grill.
  15. Congratulations on your 23 KK. What color did u get? Really nice Porsche’s and stereo equipment.
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