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  1. Like the above picture
  2. Ok I was just curious.
  3. Like our names (Alohapiggy and Pequod) are in blue. Some names are in red, white and green.
  4. Alohapiggy


    Hi, I’m new to this forum I was just curious everyone names seems to be in different colors. Is there a specific reason for each color?
  5. most definitely as soon as it arrives. I can’t wait.
  6. I was also think low and slow to cook something then heat it up then make some pizzas or steaks at @500 degrees. It all depends on what time delivery happens.
  7. Since i have to vent @500 degrees I might buy a few pre made pizzas from Papa Murphy’s cook them as my first cook.
  8. 21 supreme in metallic bronze
  9. The Shipping company just sent me a tracking number. Everything is on time and arrival is Sunday. The delivery is still open but the shipping company said they will contact me on Monday for delivery dates and times.
  10. So I was told that my grill was on a boat. I was super excited so I called the shipping company. The shipping confirmed my grill is somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Their saying the boat will arrive this Sunday. I can’t wait to see it and used it.
  11. Nice improvements. I hope u get rid of that get financing option.
  12. Thanks I just emailed him hopefully it’s not to late.
  13. Out of curiosity how much is a box of charcoal?
  14. It’s hasn’t shipped yet but I’ll probably wait on the other accessories my wife is watching our bank accounts like a hawk hahaha.
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