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  1. Sorry if y’all are trying to reach me its best u email me at [email protected]
  2. Here’s my 21. So I’ll be including the side tables,cyber q, blue cover, pizza stone, MEATER plus and what ever coco char I have left over. I’m only going to advertise it on this forum. I want it to go to someone who’s going take really good care of it and knows how to transport it. So if y’all have friends on Oahu let them know it’s for sale.
  3. Just curious if anyone is interested in buying my 21. I’m located on Oahu. I would include everything even my cyber Q. If anyone is interested let me know and I can give u a list of what I got. Looking to getting at least$3,500.
  4. I sold my large BGE for my 21 KK. I cook for a family of 4 and I have friends over and the 21 is enough. I fire up my KK for big and small cooks. I only own my 21 KK it’s my one and only grill. I use it 4 to 5 times a week. Great grill u won’t regret the purchase.
  5. Just a suggestion but u could sell your eggs and combine that money with your penny jar fund and go with a brand new KK.
  6. Yup that’s some awesome charcoal. I’m doing my second cook with my left over charcoal tonight. I just saw your pork butt awesome looking cook!!
  7. I’ve been counting the days till my cocochar arrived. I finally got it on Thursday (7-9-2020). So I decided to cook an 11lbs whole brisket. I’m totally impressed with it. There’s was a lot left over after a 10 hour cook and very little ash. I was kinda bummed at first because it took an entire 11lbs box to fill my charcoal basket. I thought I would burn through it all with this brisket cook. I’m glad to say that the 11 lbs of cocochar should be enough for at least 3 more cooks before it’s totally gone. If u haven’t tried cocochar u definitely should.
  8. I’m just as confused as u with the hex and square. Dennis explained to me that the cradle is for bigger cuts of meat and u don’t have to tie meats up with the cradle as would have to with the spit. Dennis also said one draw back with cradle is that’s it’s a little difficult to clean.
  9. Sorry u have the WiFi model. I was just curious about the Bluetooth range. Not a problem hopefully mines ships soon. I couldn’t resist the sale on the meater website.
  10. How was the Bluetooth range on your meater. Does it work inside and around the house?
  11. @oakland I just bought a meater probe. Keep us/me updated would love to hear how good the Bluetooth range is.
  12. Sorry if your grill has the above plug there’s no need for an adapter. If it doesn’t have that plug then yes the guru adapters will work.
  13. Don’t forget to load up your cart with charcoal. It’s not always available so get it while u can.
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