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  1. I did one this past New Years eve for my dads birthday 350 on the rotisserie rubbed with Worcester sauce, salt & black pepper. Looked like this
  2. @alimac23 finally watched those videos. Great tips. I have his other book on bread, salt, flour, yeast. I’ll likely pick this pizza one up too. Thanks for sharing @MacKenziei guess I’ve been making Roman pizza and hadn’t known it!
  3. @MacKenzie I know you don’t use a rolling pin and it’s frowned upon but I’ve tried both ways and im 100% happy with my results with the rolling pin so I’ve kept it as part of my process since it’s working for me
  4. Looks good @MacKenzie @Forrest I got this recipe from @MacKenzie so credit goes to her but it’s pretty easy to make in a food processor. https://www.seriouseats.com/basic-new-york-style-pizza-dough Some of the things I’ve learned as I’ve gotten better at the crust is the following 1. weigh your dough ingredients, be exact 2. try to focus on getting even dough ball once removed from food processor, then slice that dough ball into 3 smaller ones 3. take your time trying to get the three smaller balls even, the better I do at this stage the more even the crust comes out when I cook it 4. Refrigerate dough minimum of 24 hours up to 72 5. Take dough out 3-4 hours before cooking 6. once removed smash down on ball with hand a few times to flatten 7. Then carry edges of dough in hands, let dough stretch as you turn it 8. roll with rolling pin to get it nice and thin and evenly spread 9. twist crust 10. brush crust with olive oil 11. sprinkle sea salt on crust 12. add sauce and spread thinly 13. Leave pizza stone in KK (at cooking temp) for at least 60 minutes prior to cooking 14. place pizza on parchment paper on KK 15. I cook my pizzas at 500-515 16. cook approximately 10 minutes each, rotating the pizza every 2-3 minutes as there’s always a hotter part of the Kk, remove parchment paper last 1-3 minutes 17. I use the double drip pan for indirect heat pizza sauce recipe here (I double the amount of garlic) https://www.budgetbytes.com/thick-rich-pizza-sauce/
  5. @Seasport my mother in law bought two of those for Christmas last year. She said she got them from Costco but that she’s also seen them at Cost Plus World Market made pizza again tonight. My gurus are now officially off cheese pizza and on to pepperoni which is good. So I made two pepperoni for us and one pepperoni & black olive for my wife and mother in law.
  6. Wagyu Ribeye w/Peruvian pink salt & black pepper Roasted baby potatoes with lemon thyme & rosemary from the garden, garlic powder, black pepper & truffle salt asparagus wrapped in prosciutto drizzled with balsamic glaze to finished cooked with mesquite wood & served with Grgich cab
  7. Nothing says Happy Birthday America like chicken shawarma! 😀48 hour marinated chicken things cooked on the vertical spit with sweet onions on top. Sliced and let sit in pan juices to further cook for 15 minutes… really tasty served with Mediterranean salad (red onions, bell peppers, garbanzo beans, cucumbers, mint, feta & homemade balsamic vinaigrette) Pearled garlic & olive oil cous cous homemade Tadziki
  8. My local fish market ran a 4th of July special on my favorite fish in the world wild CA King Salmon. Last time it was around it was $34.95/lb and usually it’s been $25-$30/lb pre-COVID. the special this weekend was $19.99/lb which is just crazy. I showed up early Friday morning and there was a line of people all there to buy salmon like me this fish is so deep red, so flavorful it’s the perfect grilling fish. I sprinkle garlic powder, salt & oregano for the kids and on my wife and mine I use this Salt Farm “Catalina Offshore” (name of fish market) rub which is a spicy mesquite rub and I also put garlic powder on our cooked indirect with mesquite wood with tri color quinoa with sweet onions, carrots & celery appetizer of bluefin tuna sashimi served over soy sauce with a drop of siracha on top cutwater spirit mango margarita with lime/chili salt rim
  9. @BOC nice work! How many people you feeding?
  10. Now you’re just showing off @Basher but it looks amazing! haven’t made pizza in awhile. 1/2 cheese & 1/2 pepperoni, pepperoni. And mushroom, green bell pepper & black olive pizza brushed the crust with olive oil and sprinkled sea salt after and that really takes the pizza up a notch served with Cesar salad
  11. Troble

    This Little Pig...

    @tekobo sorry I’m late to this thread, but great job on your cook. Very impressive. Also kudos for learning from previous attempt and nailing it. We’ll done @C6Billcongrats on the retirement and we’ll done with the cook. Looks delicious
  12. @Basher a perfect looking steak. We’ll done, I’ve been thinking about getting some Wagyu for this 4th of July weekend here in the US, might pull the trigger now thanks to you 😀
  13. @Tyrus we’ve all been there and it sounds like you handled it properly the next day. Good suggestion by the wife to drink a beer and address later. We’ll done on the home cook. Looks great @Syzygiesyou may be able to find banana leaves at a Thai or Asian market. I live in San Diego and while we have no shortage of Mexican markets here I would go to the Thai markets by house to get fresh banana leaves, it may be worth looking into. Did you purchase a whole pig or how did you end up with that cut?
  14. Peru played Brazil today in Copa America. I’ve been wanting to try to cook my Lomo Saltado in the cast iron wok on the KK for some time now, so I gave it a try. Didn’t have any tomatoes but turned out good. Bought some thin sliced grass fed sirloin and didn’t realize it was almost sandwich thin cut, outside of that it was super tasty, better than the soccer game that’s for sure
  15. @C6Billno I had the pan in the entire time. I did put 3 chunks of peach wood in though to finish a bag and it was smoking very he’s g the first 20-30 minutes
  16. @Basheryou might be right I’ve never used that upper grate/flipped method. Will try to remember for next time
  17. @Basher this was a monumental cook, I’ve been cooking on my KK now for over a year and I just figured out I could put my drip pan on top of that metal cage thingy that goes over the coal basket. I’ve always been envious of you using your drip pan under your rotisserie but my drip pan does t sit on the 2nd gate and allow the rotisserie to spin, the only way to it it is on that metal top piece that the heat deflectors would sit on. the carrots were amazing all charred and cooked in the chicken juice. Really happy with it all
  18. Rotisserie chicken, over peach wood. Rubbed with salt, pepper, butter, garlic, olive oil, rosemary & lemon thyme from the garden. Butter slices tucked under skin over breasts air fryed potatoes tossed in olive oil, garlic powder, truffle salt, oregano and Parmesan cheese. baby carrots with momofoku savory seasoning roasted in chicken drippings
  19. Perfect execution! Nicely done
  20. Guacamole topped with siracha. Baby back ribs, sweet corn and baked potato rubbed with butter, garlic powder and truffle salt, topped with shredded cheese
  21. Chicken Schwarma, cous cous & Mediterranean salad with homemade Tadziki
  22. Congratulations @braindoc! Your patience has been rewarded finally! Can’t wait to see your first cook
  23. Looking good @Basher how did the sauce turn out?
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