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  1. I am a meat enthusiast, and my journey has brought me here. One time, I wondered how to cook the perfect steak, while around about the same time trashing anyone that likes to get up at 6am to light a BBQ. No one ever gave me a convincing argument for why charcoal was worth the hassle, and they obviously weren't that good a cook, or didn't cook for me. Well, eventually I got serious about the perfect steak and owned 7 Webers and a Napoleon 2 years ago, and that's when I started to see the shortcomings of gas/propane cooking (it only gets to 500, there is little mass to sustain that temp, moistu
  2. Im spending $700/year (CDN) on charcoal, roughly $2/day. Which is only a 17.6-20lbs bag every second week. I understand the math will never work because of the time value of money, but at 1/2 charcoal usage, that's $350 saved every year. 14 years + $1500 from my Big Joe gets me a budget of $6400 CDN. That's pretty close to the cost of a used 23" ultimate. Please don't destroy my delusions, let me get away with saying a KK pays for itself, because it really truly almost does unless it kills me first.
  3. I'm definitely over my head on this one, so feel free to correct where Im wrong, or add more insight where Im close. But here is a better explanation: Is the Billows more efficient? I firmly believe it is super-efficient vs not using it. I got this idea from @DennisLinkletter in a roundabout way. He said something about the KK having a set and forget damper temperature control system because all the air is drawn through the charcoal, and not allowed to circumvent the firebox like in other designs. I interpreted/visualized this, rightly or wrongly, as a stream of air entering my Big Joe, g
  4. Can anyone comment on how well this works with the KK? I own a Signals/Billows currently, and was wondering if it is compatible such an efficient grill. I know it oftentimes overshoots the temp on my Big Joe by upwards of 15 degrees f, but generally holds a set point of 225f between 210-230f. Some of this may be my fault, it usually overshoots at the beginning and when I open the lid. I could also perhaps hand layer my charcoal for better results rather than dumping the bag (sans fines) into the Kamado. Just wondering if the Dennis recommended temp controllers do a better job because they
  5. I would really like to see this reposted with pictures. or someone burn an entire 17.6lbs bag at 225f. Everyone I talk to is amazed. I had heard Dennis make this claim of a pre-heat soaked KK, but this post makes no mention of a pre-soak? Perhaps Im missing this info because the Pictures are long gone. Also unavailable is whether there was meat on the grill, which would greatly reduce the time by using a lot of energy to evaporate moisture. Anyone want to reproduce this experiment? Its one of the ways I can justify spending the big bucks, If i can half my charcoal usage. But the real
  6. K1-K9 That explains POS K1-K9. Much easier to understand
  7. Im currently working my way backwards to forwards through 144 pages of Dennis's posts. Unfortunetly, Im up into 2007 posts and all the pictures so far are no longer available. I keep reading about new features and seeing words and abbreviations like OTB. Putting it all together is kinda hard. Would there be a reference available somewhere that shows visually the evolution of Komodo Kamado? Also, the model names, abbreviations, and years manufactured and sold would be quite helpful. Thanks! P.S. the other Kamado forums aren't nearly as well informed as this one. Learning L
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