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  1. You asked for food pictures... You get food pictures. T-Bone Steaks according to Steven Raichlen
  2. I don't think anyone of the guys in the street will be purchasing a high-class grill. It's just the kind of guys. They prefer enjoying it at my place... Cover was already in the initial order
  3. I actually wasn't sure how much the crane is able to safely lift over my house (as the drop zone is quite some distance from where the crane had to stand)... So I asked the guy. Safe up to 3.000kg. 42" SBB supported
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome, guys! And yes, definitely in the pebbles corner! I actually was too busy eating, totally forgot about the photos so far: Roastbeef, Iberico Spare Ribs and a Pulled Pork. All turned out beautifully thanks poochie for the hint! I will give it a try.
  5. Hello together, My name is Marc, and I guess I am the latest Komodo Kamado owner in Germany After a long wait of two months my (first but for sure not last) Komodo Kamado finally arrived in my garden. It's a matt black pebbles Big Bad and it's a beauty! Set up was not easy though as my garden is located uphill - only two rather narrow stairways lead to it. I ordered a crane to do the job ... And I can tell you seeing the grill hanging in mid air (over my roof...) did make me nervous. However everything went fine and, ...well. See for yourself. As I learned from reading other welcome posts it seems to be customary to post photos of the new family member member I already did 3 jobs on the grill - works like a charm. One question though: Opening the top damper works very smoothly. Closing it however doesn't, unless I close it REALLY slowly the damper jiggles considerably. I assume it needs to be adjusted.. probably with the nut screw inside of the damper? Before I get my hands on it though I thought asking might be smart ... Have a great Sunday Marc
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