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  1. Hi guys, Today a new toy arrived, one of the category "useful". More or less by coincidence on Amazon I stumbled across the Kärcher AD 4 Premium Ash and Dry Vacuum Cleaner... Specifically designed for vacuuming grills and fireplaces. As I tried several (smaller) vaccum cleaner before.. And practically all did a bad job when it came down to vacuuming ash.... I thought this sounds too good to be true. What shall I say. Awesome! I never removed the ash so easy out of my 32" BB before. The entire ash space of the BB was filled up with ash.. Took about 30 seconds to get it completely vacuumed. No ash escaping the filters, flying through the air.. no spilled ash on the ground... And the vacuum cleaner is only filled up 50% (less even). In Germany, it is 113 EUR. Very fair from my point of view. That was such a good surprise I had to share with you 🙂 Now the BB is ready to cook some Iberico Ribs tomorrow! Cheers! Marc
  2. 1-2 years ago I bought a box of olive wood for smoking. I have to say I liked it. It was pretty much what chat gpt said, light, fruity flavor that smells like summer can't beat the smell when sitting on the patio and smoking some ribs with olive wood!
  3. Sorry... I just saw that the picture I shared before actually did not show the temperature... Here you go
  4. @MacKenzie yep, it is Celsius:-) you can actually see it was close to that temperature (590° Celsius) when I did the photo. Highest I got on the Gozney Dome was 640° Celsius so far. To achieve this it needs to be fueled with wood though. Propane gets it to something like 400° Celsius "only". This things burns like a hellfire... 👹 @David Chang old Dome. I am very satisfied with it. Attached some more pictures of earlier pizza sessions last year. It's really fun cooking pizza with the oven.
  5. Pizza cooked in a Gozney Dome at 625 degrees... Celsius:)
  6. Hi Dennis! You will be amazed how much better the KK is compared to the BGE. Same happened to me, though I have been using a Kamado Joe before 🙂
  7. First Pulled Pork of the year 😊 I prepared the meat, my wife the coleslaw and buns. Delicious:)
  8. Good morning Franck, so, to import the 32" BB I had to pay 19% of import sales taxes and an additional 2% of import duties / tariffs (the declaration says: "Zölle ohne EGKS-Zölle, Ausgleichs-, Antidumping- und Zusatzzölle, Zölle auf Agrarwaren"). Next to this there have been some services fees for the Hamburg Port and the haulage company to take care about everything (delivery to my house and also declaration and collection of tariffs and taxes). These summed up to another 15%. Let me know if you need anything more.
  9. Hey Franck! Happy to help! Give me some time to check the documents from the first time when I imported my 32", then I will let you know how that has been calculated. Cheers Marc
  10. ... I will burry you with pics as soon as mine arrived 😁🙃
  11. Actually... What was first? Tiles or Pebbles? Or did Dennis start with both?
  12. Thanks guys. I think I ve got a great spot for it. Will share photos as soon as it's set up. Let's see if tiles really do cook better
  13. Hi guys, You might remember me from my first welcome message about two years ago, I have to admit that I went a bit silent on you (unplanned - of course), I will try to be more active in the future So, in my first post I indicated that a 42" will be following the 32" I bought. And that is still the plan. However, as I was browsing Dennis's website I came across a Bronze Tile (yes, that's right... Tiles this time 💪) 22" Beast Table Top, accompanied by one of Dennis' teak cabinets. I couldn't resist. Order placed with Dennis last week and if everything goes as planned it will be on its way to Hamburg by the end of February. Wondering how long this is going to take with the Huthis pretty much blocking Suez Canal though... Can't wait for it 😍 @DennisLinkletter thanks for your patience and support with my countless questions! Great customer care
  14. You asked for food pictures... You get food pictures. T-Bone Steaks according to Steven Raichlen
  15. I don't think anyone of the guys in the street will be purchasing a high-class grill. It's just the kind of guys. They prefer enjoying it at my place... Cover was already in the initial order
  16. I actually wasn't sure how much the crane is able to safely lift over my house (as the drop zone is quite some distance from where the crane had to stand)... So I asked the guy. Safe up to 3.000kg. 42" SBB supported
  17. Thanks for the warm welcome, guys! And yes, definitely in the pebbles corner! I actually was too busy eating, totally forgot about the photos so far: Roastbeef, Iberico Spare Ribs and a Pulled Pork. All turned out beautifully thanks poochie for the hint! I will give it a try.
  18. Hello together, My name is Marc, and I guess I am the latest Komodo Kamado owner in Germany After a long wait of two months my (first but for sure not last) Komodo Kamado finally arrived in my garden. It's a matt black pebbles Big Bad and it's a beauty! Set up was not easy though as my garden is located uphill - only two rather narrow stairways lead to it. I ordered a crane to do the job ... And I can tell you seeing the grill hanging in mid air (over my roof...) did make me nervous. However everything went fine and, ...well. See for yourself. As I learned from reading other welcome posts it seems to be customary to post photos of the new family member member I already did 3 jobs on the grill - works like a charm. One question though: Opening the top damper works very smoothly. Closing it however doesn't, unless I close it REALLY slowly the damper jiggles considerably. I assume it needs to be adjusted.. probably with the nut screw inside of the damper? Before I get my hands on it though I thought asking might be smart ... Have a great Sunday Marc
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