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  1. Thank you That’s great to be able to get an idea of the hidden costs Cheers
  2. Has anyone got experience of the likely customs charges when a KK lands in the UK, or the additional shipping from port to home?
  3. That’s really useful, had forgotten a cover. Am hoping to hear from Dennis on WhatsApp sometime soon, but this is all speculative for a mid 2023 order when funds become available.
  4. I have made biltong and droewors at home, had to find the lowest temperature dehydrator as I didn’t want to make a biltong box. Kitchen aid meat grinder/sausage attachment makes the dry sausage production possible.
  5. Have every intention of getting a 32” KK next year. Am guessing I’ll go for all the things drip pan, rotisserie (cradle and spit) clean smoke, basket reducer, pizza stone,teak grabbers and the steel topped side tables. Is there anything else I should be adding to the shopping list? The plan would be to ask Dennis to fill the second crate with char and wood too I have an ooni pizza oven already, will the KK be any better for neopolitan style pizza (approx 450C cooking temps etc)? Which spec rotisserie motor should I aim for, and will it work on UK voltage? I have experience of an old bbq guru on my WSM and the GMG pellet burner’s built in control, which fan/temp controller do people tend to use for their KK? How long are lead times for production, and any ideas of approx time/cost to ship to the UK?
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