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  1. Poochie, which fan blower are you using with the new Komodo. Your cooks look very good, love the new Komodo. Regards
  2. Great pizza Troble, thanks for information on pans
  3. Troble, great looking meal. Was wondering where you found the pan for cooking the asparagus?
  4. Hi Dennis, thanks for the reply. long time follower and maybe getting closer to buying. could you please provide me a e-mail, as I have questions. regards, [email protected] Fred ( Seasport) ,
  5. Hi, still available and approximate location Regards
  6. Good to know about the gas burner. Probably makes sense on pre heating as it seems even on a gas bbq you tend to light quite a while before using, and you would like the charcoal burning a while before cooking. More money for important accessories.
  7. Hi, thanks for your suggestions on accessories. Does anyone recommend the gas burner for heat soak, climate here is quite mild, however very damp in wintertime. Regards
  8. Hi, yes did timbers and dreamed up the design, while on holiday in Maui. Beams were purchased milled green, I dryed and routerred edges and ends. Fasteners are called timberlynx with timber rings at shear points and home made metal brackets, a few more to make and add. First will try to get roof installed. Regard’s
  9. Thanks for input, most are saying that 32” is the way to go. I have to make a template of grill sizes and lay out pans or items I maybe cooking at different times. I am kind of leaning to a 32” KK. Any thoughts on accessories for KK. I am looking forward to having a roof for rain periods! Regard’s
  10. MacKenzie, we have had a nice dry summer, however rain seems to always appear in the fall. Do you have any thoughts on KK sizes. Thanks
  11. Yes, roof will be vaulted and open on gable ends. Plan on covering with metal, just for rain protection as we are in Vancouver, BC.
  12. Hi, finally getting closer to having a location for a KK. Just have to add the roof material and finalize size of KK. Trying to decide between 23” and 32 “, mostly cooking for family of 2 or 3. Like to cook burgers, chicken, roast of beef,pork, salmon and pizza. Regards
  13. Have bought a lot of things unseen. I just wanted to look and talk with a owner, discuss sizes,accessories and shipping options to Canada. Haven’t gone to look yet, but was nice to talk with pizzaiolo, someone with similar interests in outdoor cooking. Again, appreciate everyone’s input, great forum. Regards
  14. Thanks for the reply's. I am in process of constructing a shed roof, but concrete delayed by winter rain and cold, so will be looking to purchase later in season. Regard's
  15. I have been looking on the forum with great interest, was wondering if there are any owners in the Vancouver,BC Canada area that I could contact for a first hand look. Regards
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