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  1. Curly


    Re: Knives Dave, that's right! I love my henckels and spent what I considered a lot of money on them. That's not to say I wouldn't buy all kinds of really high end functional and artsy knives if I had the funds. I must say, it's very difficult to look at the links in this thread and not want those knives. But who among us doesn't love knives! Many moons ago I bought a set of 4 Forgecraft hi-carbon knives (very old) at a yard sale for 2 dollars. They came with a hanging wooden holder and I was gonna hang them up in the cabin for looks. Now, one of them is one of my favorite knives. Not a high end knife, but I love it. My guess is that these will be inherited by my daughter.
  2. Curly


    Re: Knives I was at a thrift store the other day and got a block of Henckles (9 knives with 2 missing) for $9 bucks. It had a $19 sticker but since 2 were missing she took $10 off. There was 1 Wusthof in there 2. And coincidentally, all of my cutlery in Henckles. Yes, I'll be visiting that store again. One of the better deals I've ever gotten at the thrift store. Not damascus steel, but at a dollar a knife I'm happy
  3. Curly

    Komodo availability - Good & Bad News

    Re: Komodo availability - Good & Bad News UNBELIEVABLE!!! But we all knew that the incredible customer support would sell these works of art way more than the pictures would. There were many onlookers that were waiting for you to make ONE mistake in your CS and after 6 years (is that right) they've now either bought one or left the building. I just feel sorry for those that left the building Keep on doing what you do bro, somehow it just keeps on getting better.
  4. Curly

    Komodo availability - Good & Bad News

    Re: Komodo availability - Good & Bad News Wow Dennis, I love that news. If I were on the fence I'd be getting off about now and paypal'ing you some cash. Hey Sanny, I've seen those eyes before. And hey to all of ya'll that I haven't talked to in a while.
  5. Curly

    Leg Cramps

    Do you putt up to the window
  6. Although I typically don't understand most of what you write Syzygies, dang, it sounds like you think this fella is the anti-gore for creating something that doesn't work in your foodsaver (which I also have). Had he done it your way none of the folks with the other machines could use it right? What would have been the right thing for him to do. You go ahead and write it all out and I'll have someone explain it to me
  7. Curly

    The proper way to use a treadmill.

    Yeah, that makes perfect sense
  8. Curly

    The proper way to use a treadmill.

    So, you just turn it on when you're ready for his nap to be over
  9. Curly

    New from N Texas

    Yeah, that Levi Blue is nice.
  10. Curly

    Used Gen 2 Ultimate for sale in Tucson, AZ area

    My favoright color too...oh well.
  11. Curly

    New Arrival

    Wow, yard dog. Can you post the recipe
  12. Curly

    Should we buy a KK?

    Re: We bought a KK I've always loved that color tile...it just seems to go with our log cabin
  13. Curly

    Calling out to all Komodo owners

    How do you want them sent? Email to you?
  14. Curly

    Custom OTBs for Kingsford

    I gotta feeling you're gonna have to ramp up again.