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  1. Nice looking 23, I really like the color Enjoy
  2. Pequod, that looks delicious..
  3. Bought my 23 OTB 10 years ago. Still cooking with all the original equipment. Unit 610, Levi Blue, cranking out great food for friends and family. Kook on fellow KK'ers Steve
  4. I love the fresh chiles, we buy a bushel every year. Roast and freeze as you do, we can usually get to the next harvest before I run out.
  5. Yesterdays meatloaf. Standard recipe for the loaf, beef, Italian sausage, eggs, peppers, onions, bread crumbs, spices, I did use BBQ sauce in place of tomato sauce in the mix and to slather the top. I also used the last of my 2019 Hatch chile stash for this. Not a very good plated pic, can't seem to slow myself down to arrange a plate for pics, its time to eat! stay healthy
  6. Went to the restaurant supply on Friday and picked up this 17 lb. choice angus ribeye. It is very delicious, I was hungry and forgot to take a pic of the finished steak. Saturday I had half a pork belly ready to smoke. Sliced the bacon yesterday, it turned out very nice. Cold smoked 3hrs, lit the grill to hot smoke to an IT of 130 This pic is a huge rookie mistake 🤪, make sure you have your drip pan/ foil under your meat! I had to pull the rack out of the grill to let the missed fat cook off. B.A.T. sandwich And todays roadkill turkey Kook on fellow KK'ers
  7. My wife and I are taking meals to her folks during this viral shutdown, Todays lunch was ribs, slaw, and beans, a pretty classic BBQ lunch. I like to buy spareribs so I can trim the tips and pick the deliciously tasty and fatty meat to save for future bean cooks. I got a bit of a sloppy trim on one of the racks , had a few prior to the trim work . be safe, stay healthy steve
  8. Dang Herbie, your hurting me, that looks like a fine meal, I love smoked oysters. Our good kook today were legs coated with Stubbs original BBQ sauce. Had this little fellow learning to fly a few feet away while I was cooking, Mamma was very excited, flitting around, bringing him pieces of a worm she had. He finally made a few short flights along the fence line and was gone. He will be back at my feeders soon. This is a Cardinal chick.
  9. That looks delicious
  10. lookin tasty coolpapabill
  11. NO Hammers! Post some pics of the latch, this can be adjusted.
  12. I'm using Traeger pellets. After a few hours the burn was weak and dying, I used a 12" metal skewer as a "swizzle stick" to give it a stir for better airflow. Poked thru both vent holes and also down thru the top.
  13. Basher, that looks great, drooling on my keyboard. 🤤
  14. Tony, nice color on that bird, looks delicious.
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