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  1. I'd be down for some -- Max I could do is twenty 22lb boxes. Pallet max is 70 but we can do less. I'm at 98070 (Vashon) so one option would be to ship to a Kent area LTL/freight hub to save on fees, and I can load my portion in the parking lot <grin> @FotonDrv seemed to be looking for some last year. There are a few other KKers I see have posted so we could ping them.
  2. Re: Stoker details I've done the same thing with my Guru fan.... 4 holes and it's a perfect fit.
  3. Re: Tiny Stoker wireless gateway Let me know how it goes!
  4. Re: Total Cooking Surface Area? +1 on the thanks you for the effort!
  5. Re: SB XLV Chicken wings recipe? I tried the "ORANGE MARMALADE SRIRACH WINGS" (on SB XLV day ) and they were **delicious**. Thanks for sharing here. The kids (12 and 14) didn't mind the spice... given the 1/3rd cup of chili sauce, I was expecting otherwise. PS: I'm sure happy I had a grill floss though... can you say 'candied SS grill'. Would have clogged the SS brush on the first scrape.
  6. Re: Greetings and Thanks! I agree. This one is gorgeous.
  7. Re: Knives +1 -- got one too. Thanks!
  8. Re: Three Extruder Machines are in the House! Is it wishful thinking to believe that some of this 'KK Gold' will be your Feb 2011 container? Regardless, I want in on being in the queue.
  9. Re: New KK Owner in Nevada Welcome and nice birds!
  10. Re: Buying 23 inch versus 19 inch For what it's worth... I used to use a BGE in Large. It's now at the cabin and I have a KK 23. Because of the openings in the grills (top one has a trap door, bottom one has an opening for adding wood chunks) the 23 is not 'crazy large'. I'm not sure I'd have been happy had I got the KK19.
  11. Re: Order placed and now the waiting starts..... Congrats. Looks sweet!
  12. Re: Rough draft of the Roti Drip pan As an engineer, I'm curious about the comments made above... When a rotis chicken rotates, from where the the fat drip? All over, or mostly from the front edge as the fat that pooled on the way over the tip 'pours' off. i.e.: Sort of like a old fashionned water wheel would drop liquid. Curious in Seattle, Dan
  13. Dan

    New Blue

    Re: New Blue Sweet. Nice clean look but then I'm partial to the blue ones as well.
  14. Dan

    New Member

    Re: New Member I just got mine (days ago) and can't be happier. Nice stuff. My BGE will end up at the cabin now.
  15. Re: Questions for the stoker people This was mentionned on another thread but bears repeating here... I do have both the Guru and the Stoker (I'm was writing software for the Guru but have since moved to doing so for the Stoker using wireless) but this is nonetheless just my 2 cents... The Guru fans have a slider that permits you to reduce the CFMs. The Stoker does not. As everyone here knows well, if you overvent the pit, you'll get wild oscillations and, in the worst of cases it will put your fire out. Here's what happened to me twice with a 10CFM fan on a large BGE. Lit the fire. Took
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