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Sous Vide Turkey!

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Well, had a bird in the freezer, so decided to try something new.. After all the shenanigans to get the white and dark done at the same time,  icing the breast and all. I looked around and found this..  If you don't know about Guga and his two YouTube channels.. Pretty interesting and entertaining.... 

I like parts of this technique, and dislike others.. Did not like his way of gravy making, so kinda did it my own way.

I cut up the. bird as he did.  Vacuum sealed and baptized in 2 SV tanks as instructed. 150 for dark, 131 for breast. Both for 24 hrs.

I took the carcass and wings and scraps, and chopped up a leek, celery, carrots, onions, garlic and a few bayleaves and peppercorns. Into a shallow pan @ 425 turning once at 45 min, and the letting it go another hour or so until it was well browned with a nice fond on the bottom. I scraped out all the awesome brown "crud" as Mad Max calls It and reserved in the fridge for later. deglazed the pan with water and put it all  that was left in a pressure cooker, with water to almost cover.

Brought to high pressure for an hour, then strained out all solids, stole some extraneous scraps from the solids, dusted with cajun spices, and had a snack :) I mean a feller has to keep his strength up!

Took the stock and am reducing bit today, with the giblets and neck. When it is ready will thicken with a little roux if needed, and chop up the neck meat and giblets and toss them back in.. (along with the "crud")

 I do admit, my house smelling like heaven right now!

This evening, will pull the turkey out, pop into the KK until deliciously brown, and along with some SV taters, feast away!  

I will let ya'll know how it comes out!


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19 minutes ago, Basher said:

Saucier that sounds delicious.
I’ve seen a few of his videos and always liked his reaction to the taste. He spend 30% of his videos animating the tasting.

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Yes, he is very animated and hi energy.... He does so many comparisons, it saves me lots of time and research!


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11 minutes ago, tony b said:

OK, NOW I'm hungry! :smt106

Yes, a neighbor asked me if my late mother had an apple pie recipe.. So I dug out.. Bad new for me though.. I figured I would make one too... Now I love baking them.. Just got an nice Le Cruset dish.. The pie releases easily from the ceramic. Lots easier than glass.



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Absolutely!  I modified it a bit from her original...

5 Fujis and three Granny Smith apples...  Peeled, cored, and sliced.. it took me a lot longer until I got this.


And the dish I like is this.


Anyway,  pre heat oven to 400f.

In a dish, combine 1 cup of sugar, 2 Tbl flour. 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp allspice and mix well.

Take the prepared apples and put them in a large bowl, slowly add the dry ingredients and toss well until combined.

She included a recipe for dough, but added if cost wasn't a factor that the Pillsbury refrigerated ones were just as good... I cant imagine the cost difference being more than a dollar, but people were WAY more thrifty then... It isn't worth my time, as it isn't any better, so I use Pillsbury ..

Anyway, get your dish and unroll one round and place it in the bottom of the pan.

Add the apples and work them down as best you can. They will cook down.

Use the second  round ant place it on top, and pinch the edges shut.

Cut some slits in the top.

Take a sheet pan and line with foil to make clean up easy, and put in oven for 15 min.. Then lower the temp to 375f for an additional 85 minutes. If it isnt brown enough, leave it in longer until it suits you.. I have gone another 10 minutes I think.

When you take it out, immediately remove the pie from the foil lined pan, or the caramelized drippings will adhere to the foil and you will have a mess. I just set it on a dinner plate and let it cool for a few hours or overnight... 

Helps to have a good pie server.  I had a plastic Marie Calanders one for years, but finally broke it..

I recommend this.


Serve with Vanilla Ice Cream of course LOL.. Home made is best. But I haven't done that in  years...

Good luck !

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