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Wood for smoking

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Guys and gals....

I am trying to track down a barbecue wood supplier I used in the past- very good delivery service, really high quality wood chunks- apple, maple, cherry, of course, the usual, but also orange, peach, etc. Was not inexpensive but really high quality. Does anyone know this supplier? It's been seven or so years since I used them and I am having trouble bringing them up on the usual Google search.


Thanks, Jim in Denver

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I believe you may be speaking of Halls Hill. He quit making the special lump charcoal. It was great while it lasted! Here's a link to an article by the Naked Whiz.





Contact Information

The Halls Hill Charcoal Company
6338 Halls Hill Pike
Murfreesboro, TN


[email protected]

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The original wood supplier I was trying to reconnect with was in Georgia somewhere. With a little more internet sleuthing, I am sure I could find it if it were still open. In the meantime, however, I am very pleased with Fruita, which has for me, being in Denver, the added positive of being closer. They are over in western Colorado, in Grand Junction. I wasn't looking for charcoal, just good quality hardwood. I know have enough apple, oak, cherry, orange, plum, pecan and apricot to last more than a year. Hickory and Mesquite are readily available through local retailers- Home Depot and such.

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