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  1. I’m assuming sharky is using the stones supplied in the kit. What stones are you using Robert? What grit progression do you use in maintaining?
  2. Nicely done Charles. I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Italy last year, and I hate to say I went in hating Italian food, and left a tremendous fan. The dishes were absolutely amazing. Next trip might have to be Reef’s Bistro.
  3. Not sure if this is the one you are looking for, but I’ve purchased a couple times from http://fruitawood.com
  4. Hey Lance. I have a 32, and live about an hour away from you. I’d be happy to let you look it over or try it out.
  5. I just stated the obvious! We all look forward to your pictures and posts.
  6. I’ll just have to say, no one cooks a better looking egg than MacKenzie!
  7. My carefully packaged box arrived today as well. I plan on trying it out this weekend. Thanks Jon!
  8. Well it was certainly a much more interesting game than I anticipated! I was feeling bad, especially after Tony’s comment of stealing candy from a baby. Turns out the old ‘Cuse did way better than I could have imagined in Death Valley. I love college football too. Your challenge made this game even more fun! Thanks Jon.
  9. Seriously? I’m shocked no one wants to play. I’ll accept your challenge my friend. Hmmm. What should I try this award winning sauce on first?
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