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Coming home to papa

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It was great fun following her across the pacific, to LA, then to Miami, then finally to Southwest Florida.  My concern was getting her onto the lanai to her final resting spot.  Thanks to the great advice here and help from a few friends, the ¾ in plywood ramp worked like a charm.  Uncrating was easy, I supported the 4x8 ft ramp with 3 2x6's (may have been overkill but better safe than sorry) and the ramp included in the crate let her glide easily to my ramp.  We needed to go up 4 steps for a total of 20 inches.  With the 8 foot ramp, that gave us an incline of about 12 degrees and that was very do-able.  

She now sits on my lanai while I play with temp control.  Found a local dealer that has Rockwood charcoal (quite sparky) and I'm getting the hang of temp control.  It's quite different than the Primo XL oval I'm used to.  

I'm still trying to figure out exactly where on the lanai will be her final perch and I definitely need a prep table and storage for accessories, grates, etc.  

Here are some photos of the process.  @StevenS, thanks so much for your help.  Though the photos don't show it, we did remove the lid when pushing it up the ramp.  Reattaching the lid (primarily inserting the hinge pin) was the toughest part of the whole project.  









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