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  1. @jeffshoaf I'd say you had quite the adventure, it will be burned into your memory.
  2. Did some drumsticks on the KK this evening and I bought an order of fries from a fast food place when I was in town this afternoon. Heated the fries up in the air fryer. They were good but not as good as when fresh from the fast food place but better than frozen fries. This one is for you, Tony.
  3. Sorry, Dennis, I was referring to Skoell's Pizza cook in a Gozney Dome.
  4. Are you sure it was Celsius? That's over 1000F in any case it does look very tasty.👍👍
  5. WOW, up and running who would ever have thought. Congratulations.
  6. Only one way to find out, looking forward to your bagel cook.
  7. I'm a former Primo user and loved the shape too. The KK is similar in shape so I don't think you will miss that and you certainly won't miss not having to replace the firebox. The other great news is that whatever you cook on the KK will taste even better, no kidding. I don't have a 32 let alone the 42 but if my ship were to come in I'd go for the 32 but that all depends upon the amount of food that you will be doing at a time. Whatever you decide I'm sure you are going to love cooking on the KK, it has been a wonderful experience for me. 👍👍
  8. WOW. Does anyone have any idea where which wire connects to what?
  9. Chicken and ribs are always impressive cooks.
  10. Took advantage of better temps today and did some chicken drumsticks. Plated with pickled onion, potatoes and carrots. Interior.
  11. Fantastic cook and taste.👍👍
  12. Welcome, I am sure you will be thrilled with cooking on the KK. I'm sure you will be eating thrilled with the taste of the food you cook on the KK and it will take less effort.
  13. Here are some photos to show the position of the lid. The two catches for handle. Lid Tight Position- Lid Relaxed Position- Hope that helps.
  14. The lid is not left open as such, it just isn't closed up tight. There are two positions for the lock, one to keep lid tight for cooking and the other to take the pressure of the gasket when the KK is resting.
  15. @MsTwiggy Welcome, great looking KK and those cooks look wonderful. I would fill up the basket with lump. After the cook is done and you shut the vents down the fire soon goes out and you will have lump left for your next cook. You will just need to stir it up and top it off with more lump. Remember once the cook is done and the fire is out set the lid clasp so that the dome is not squishing your gasket. There are two settings for the dome one is tight for the cook and the other for resting between cooks. It relieves the pressure on the gasket which will make the gasket last a lot longer.
  16. Tiles, then Dennis realize his mistake and brought in pebbles, they cook better.
  17. jonj, you have me turning green with pizza envy. They look awesome.👍
  18. Looks like they have some well rusted ones on display, imagine rubbing up against that.
  19. I hope you are going to teach us a lesson on how to use that new tool.
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