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Slice a brisket

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That is exactly how I slice mine as well.

I find that too much brisket fat gives me horrible indigestion, I figure it does the same for my family and guests.

Also to your point (no pun intended), without separating the point/flat, I can't slice across the grain for both pieces, so end up with a more chewy end result.

To me, when I'm presented with the point/flat slice still connected, the fat between just looks gnarly and unappetizing.

With a full packer, for me, slicing this way maybe adds 5 minutes max to overall slicing, but I think presentation and tenderness of the final product is so much better!


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Exactly, it's portrayed soo many times by video channels cutting the brisket essentially in half, yet they make it a major point to show you the grain and demonstrate how to slice. That cut has always irked me when I see it, it's counterproductive to what they preach. Cooking a brisket is a costly adventure in time, but you can rest assured my next brisket will certainly consider this option. Glad you brought it up, now my OCD may put it to rest, I'm not alone.

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