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  1. Good find! isn’t the difference between the Kk and the K7 amazing, you really can’t grasp the difference until you see a KK live. enjoy!
  2. Last time I looked Dennis was selling the grout on the main KK Site. hth
  3. So with a name like that I'm guessing some tried and true Texas saying will be heard in your backyard...like: "He needed cooking Paw" (He needed Killing Paw) "Three pounds went in, Two came out" (Three went out, two came back) "This patio isn't big enough for the two of us" (This "Insert location" ain't big enough for the two of us" And of course, if you grill Tofu "Get a rope" (Get a rope) Enjoy the Texan, keeping with the theme, when you get a 42, you can name it the "Big Texan"! Regards.
  4. Shame about overshooting your target temperature, wouldn’t have happened if you had bought pebbles instead of square tiles...🤪 great looking ribs!
  5. When Troble asked about Tekobo’s freezer, why did I immediately picture this?
  6. So do you cook them direct or indirect?
  7. I'm using a BBQ Guru Competitor, have since 2002/2003ish, echo everything here as far as set and forget. When this thing dies, I will end up with what ever version of DigiQ is around at that time as I don't need internet access, just a simple reliable fan controller. With the competitor, I used it all the time with my POSK, have only used it once with the KK when I had a deadline and couldn't afford any issues. All of the other briskets I've done on the KK I've just set the top and bottom dampers and come back when the temp probe tells me it's done. Regards.
  8. The gravel path looks like it has a slope away from the house, you will probably want one person keeping it from drifting to that side and falling off the path. Slow and easy is the way to do it!
  9. I watched a few more of his cooking videos, i think they were intended to get folks who don’t cook cooking. I liked the simplistic way he explained the process for a variety of Italian pasta dishes, pretty much buy groceries, chop up stuff, throw it in a bowl, throw it in a pan, boil some pasta, throw it together, eat. He didn’t get lost in technique, spices, specialized pans, knives or other sellable sponsored minutia, just very simple steps to make something tasty. if you think about it he spends 3 minutes on something the “food” networks would spend 15 ~ 20 on. For me,
  10. Yep that’s a old POSK, I don’t recall if the #5 or #3 came that way or if it was a special order. watch out when opening the lid as without the legs for stability they can fall over backwards. regards
  11. Looks like the KK is 26" wide (not including any mounting brackets etc.), If you go to the main KK site, Dennis has the line drawings in the pictures of the 23" (last one). Another thing to watch for is the dimensions with the lid open (37") vs with the lid closed (31"~32.25" depending on handle incl or not.) The link below takes you directly to the 23" line drawing with dimensions. KK drawing with dimensions Regards.
  12. To paraphrase Dennis, his original design used square drive sockets both inside and out, there was an issue where the roti would reach a point in the spin and roll forward an inch or so. To Dennis, this was unacceptable and he redesigned it with hex drives on the inside but kept the outside square so that one grill motors could be used. which one do you need? Call Dennis, he will quickly tell you what you need, or you can look inside your grill...calling Dennis will be more fun and rewarding! The difference between the spit and cradle..the spit is a rod you pass through the meat and
  13. I call mine "Daaaaaaammmnnn", since that's what everyone who sees my KK calls her!
  14. Dennis has also mentioned starting with the meat straight out of the fridge, do a search for the thread, but as I recall it creates a better smoke ring.
  15. Not low and slow, but if you want to freak folks out, cook a simple chicken breast, it will probably be the most moist chicken you have ever eaten! Folks typically have not seen the amount of moisture that comes out of a fully cooked KK chicken breast before. For low and slow a simple pork butt is an easy starting point that doesn't disappoint.
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