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  1. I was one of those very lucky folks who found a gently used KK, as soon as it was posted, I jumped and was the lucky new owner. The great thing for me was it had everything I wanted, was the size, had pebbles (yes they cook better than tiles :)) and the color I wanted. It only took ~8 years for the one I wanted to "pop up". So I got incredibly lucky, saved a little money, but if you want a specific size/color/pebble/tile combo, the chances of that exact KK coming along is pretty slim, you would be better off just ordering what you wanted. If you do find one close at hand, here is how I moved mine: Moving a KK Regards. Bruce.
  2. Hmmm, takes 3 tiled KKs to replace 2 pebbled KKs, Dennis may be on to something
  3. Me too, a lot of build up for Meh… I think it’s interesting that they didn’t retire the classic and replace it with the MK4, but my guess is there is not enough differentiation between the new model and the MK4. Regards
  4. When I light extruded charcoal, I bring out the big gun!
  5. I use one of those cane style weed burners with a 1lb propane canister. I hit a few areas of the basket, close the kk, open the top hat and pull out the bottom door and let the kk do its thing! While the kk is coming to temp (15 to 30 minutes depending on desired temp), I will go prep the meal, then adjust the kk for desired temp. That is my typical path for grilling. For low and slow, I overfill with extruded and light one or two small areas, once the kk is around 175, I adjust the Kk to my low and slow settings and let heat soak for an hour+. Regards
  6. My wife informed me that I will be buried in my KK, so I'm adding the cost of a coffin as part of the ROI, based on that, I'm now ahead of the curve!
  7. I think the inspectors want to see the latest colors and builds and gauge the availability of coco char...seriously, they could just call Dennis to find that out and not hold up deliveries!
  8. Since we know Dennis likes to over engineer thing, I imagine he will come up with a v shaped bottom with an auger system to move the ashes out of the front of the KK. I imagine he would work some kind of gear mechanism run off of the roti motor. Thinking some form of teak knob on the shifter that shifts from roti to augur mode. I think we would see it first on the OMG52 or possibly on the WTF102, but not on the LOL1002 as that will have the revolutionary walk in ash room with the in the wall vac system.
  9. Make sense, buckshot adds an off taste and is hell on the teeth!
  10. Well I guess I can stop chuckling over the imagined call Dennis took for that sale: (imagine vocal fry voice) hello Dennis, my name is Kim, I’m a social media influencer and I have a business proposition for you...
  11. Good find! isn’t the difference between the Kk and the K7 amazing, you really can’t grasp the difference until you see a KK live. enjoy!
  12. So with a name like that I'm guessing some tried and true Texas saying will be heard in your backyard...like: "He needed cooking Paw" (He needed Killing Paw) "Three pounds went in, Two came out" (Three went out, two came back) "This patio isn't big enough for the two of us" (This "Insert location" ain't big enough for the two of us" And of course, if you grill Tofu "Get a rope" (Get a rope) Enjoy the Texan, keeping with the theme, when you get a 42, you can name it the "Big Texan"! Regards.
  13. Shame about overshooting your target temperature, wouldn’t have happened if you had bought pebbles instead of square tiles...🤪 great looking ribs!
  14. When Troble asked about Tekobo’s freezer, why did I immediately picture this?
  15. So do you cook them direct or indirect?
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