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  1. Very similar to building a kegerator out of a chest freezer. Two things go watch out for: 1. Freon lines, before drilling make sure you know where they are so you don't drill through one and ruin the "fridge", same for any cord keepers. 2. Grommets for the holes, don't want those power cords to get cut through with the vibrations from the "fridge" turning off and on. While the expanding foam "should" lock down the cords, I'm a better safe than sorry kind of guy. Seemed a little strange to drill the hole so high on the side, but for an instructional video, makes it easier to see what is going on, also could be avoiding the freon lines. If I were going to do this, I would probably come at it from lower down and would also ensure that none of the power cords were laying on the bottom of the fridge in case of liquid spills.
  2. Mmmm, everyone loves Peking duck on Christmas!
  3. Yep saw them in concert in ‘02, I will never forget their rendition of “itsy bitsy spider”, I was hoping for “wheels on the bus” but great concert any way,
  4. If you are thinking of the main rear warming grate, I don’t believe Dennis offers one for the 21
  5. Great news and always good when the uncertainty is lifted!
  6. Thoughts and prayers for your wife and to you and the family!
  7. Congrats on the move, but you’re going to have to change your handle to “PatioSmoken”! Nice setup, now let the smoke fly! Regards
  8. See you played that dance music, should have put on a little Barry White and the corn would have been left alone. Granted the population explosion would be a "next year" problem, but by then you would have figured out how to move them along!
  9. Sure, but just wait until Dennis comes out with the OMG 52! Congrats and be sure to post pictures!
  10. bgrant3406

    Basic advice

    Current gaskets are some form of silicon or other "rubber" like material, not the ceramic fiber. I'm saying silicon based on the temp Dennis mentioned. I would have to try and find the explanation Dennis provided, but from what I recall it was the high temp air flowing/blown over the side that could cause the damage.
  11. bgrant3406

    Basic advice

    Nope, just the 2 lower gaskets, some of the early models didn't use the two gaskets like the more current models.
  12. bgrant3406

    Basic advice

    I pull out the bottom vent and open the top vent fully, I hit the charcoal with a weed burner in a few places and then close the KK all the way closed (2nd latch position so as tight as it can get) and go away for 30 minutes. When I come back I'm sitting @ 400+. If I'm going for high temp, I will hit multiple places across the entire basket of lump, for low and slow, just 1 place. For low and slow I will come back sooner and start closing the top/bottom vents to get to the desired temp. For higher temp, I make sure to have a lot of charcoal lit and give the KK longer to get there. Dennis has mentioned a couple of times that high temp cooks with the lid open can cause premature main gasket failure, so I chose to believe him and try to cook with the lid closed. I think with the older grills, before he went to the 2 gasket type may not have had this issue. As I recall he said anything over 500 and cooking with the top open could cause an issue with the gaskets. Regards
  13. I prefer the boxes as it is easier to store bulk amounts in the garage. I was wondering how I would be able to stack the bags easily as compared to the boxes.
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