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32” Big Bad in corner of outdoor kitchen?

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Hi, all. I just ordered a 32” Big Bad and am excited to upgrade from my venerable BGE. I am planning an outdoor kitchen and one idea to use space efficiently is to put the Komodo in the corner of an L shape. I am unsure if this would work in terms of access to all the thermometer and blower ports, option to rotisserie, etc. I am definitely going to be using the BBQ Guru fan, for example, and don’t want to end up with a design that doesn’t leave enough room. The photos on the site don’t make it 100% clear which port is where. Is there a more specific diagram of all the ports are? Or, does anyone with a 32” Big Bad have photos or experience about how much clearance you need around it? Thanks in advance for any wisdom or advice!

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If you look at the KK from a top view, the blower port is around 4 or 5 o'clock. Rotisserie motor would fit right at 3 o'clock.  You didn't say if you ordered shelves or not. If you did, the shelf clearance will take care of the rotisserie motor needs.  Probe port is around 4-5 o'clock too. 

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