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  1. The last 4 briskets I've done were at 240. I put it on with a drip pan under it, closed the lid, and didn't open it until it was done. No spritz, no basting, no butcher paper. I put 'em on around 7pm and take them off when they reach 203. I've had a great success using this method. I use a temperature controller for overnighters like this.
  2. Check out a Kudu. Adjustable grate and several addons. Open Fire Grills & Barbecues | KUDU Grills | Home Page
  3. Welcome and feel free to ask all the questions you desire. We've all been newbies at one time or another.
  4. I'm not sure of the date it changed, but....The probe ports now have a stainless steel screw in piece instead of rubber and the top half of the 32" has a steel "band" around it where the bottom meets it. I think it's had a separate cold smoker port for a while. The rotisserie end pieces have been redesigned too. They used to consist of several pieces and now they're solid pieces. Not sure what else changed but I'm sure Dennis can enlighten us. Edited to say the top half (lid) has the metal band...not the bottom half.
  5. Nice looking pizza. How hot did you get the pizza stone before you launched it?
  6. You possess some amazing talent
  7. Thank you everyone for the tips and advice. This group is great!
  8. I don't have any problem assembling the table. It's lifting 250 pounds to put the cooker on the table that troubles me. How do you like your 5 minuti? Ever bake bread or desserts in it?
  9. I had no idea they'd ship in on the stand...or that particular stand. That saves a tremendous amount of gut busting and lifting. I wonder if their other ovens come on the stand when you order them. I would guess not. I can't wait to see your oven unboxed and ready to fire up your first pizza. Best of luck to you.
  10. jonj, I saw a YouTube of a guy unboxing the 4 Pizze and it took 4 guys to lift it on to the stand. I didn't realize it was that heavy. One of my nephews has that exact oven and he loves it. Did you order it from BBQ Guys?
  11. Sure looks like a place where I would want to work. But they're always talking about sex.
  12. Thanks for the info. That's a great looking ball of goodness!
  13. David, you've had that Anova over a over 3 months now, give me an honest rating rating of it and your overall satisfaction. I'm going to guess that you use it all the time.
  14. One thing that I've never read on this forum is "Save your money. You don't need that!" MacKenzie, you and Tekobo could talk a moose into buying a hat rack. David, my pretzel recipe called for "malt". I was sure I could find that at Whole Foods...wrong! I also thought I could find pretzel salt there. Nope! Lye wasn't in the recipe...what function does that serve?
  15. I have the Guru fan with my Fireboard and the Fireboard display will show the fan from 5% up to 100%. So I thought it was a variable speed fan. Unless it clicks it on and off at full speed to simulate a variable speed fan.
  16. You've got a great setup. Those two look perfect together!
  17. Thanks again everyone for the tips and tricks. I made a homemade proofer/starter gizmo to take care of the sourdough starter. It's simply a seed starter mat with a controller on it. I set it to 80 degrees and my starter is happy and my dough rises like a champ. It's in one of the photos below. There's also a probe to keep the controller on point... just like for the KK. You'll also see where I won first prize for the ugliest pretzels ever created. However, my sourdough bread has come along fine in texture and flavor. I made a sourdough banana nut bread for my son and his family yesterday and it came out very good. No photos of it....but it did happen. It's a fun hobby but I'm thinking about a wood fired oven now. Even though I know I don't need it.
  18. Thanks MacKenzie, I'll check it out. David, is your house around 75+ most of the time or do you have a warm "spot" in the house that works best?
  19. I made my first attempt at sourdough bread today after nursing the starter for 8 days. Do any of you use a piece of equipment to keep the starter at a steady temperature. I moved mine outside (in the shade) when the temps were around 80 this week. I'd bring it in after a few hours. I had great activity last night and this morning. But I'd like to keep it inside for the whole process. I've read where people use seed mats, reptile lamps and so on. Any advice? By the way, the bread was very good.
  20. Outstanding! That's a real sandwich.
  21. MacKenzie, if your squirrels are like mine, you don't have much of a choice about feeding them. They never give up and usually win at least a partial victory. That squirrel on your feeder sees a squirrel feeder.
  22. In my area, the perfect crawfish dipping sauce has catsup and horseradish. A sprinkle of Worcestershire sauce won't hurt it either. It can't be too hot for me. I love fresh horseradish in a cocktail sauce. It's great with boiled shrimp too. The commercial wimpy stuff isn't allowed...can you spell Kraft?
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