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  1. Great looking pizzas. Is it an illusion or did you use the basket splitter and only have a fire on the right side?
  2. I love that stuff. Also try their Black Bean And Chili Sauce. I'd eat a toad with that stuff on it.
  3. Those pork chops are beautiful, C6Bill. That first photo could be in Bon Appetit'
  4. If you're like me, you'll still pick up a hunk of meat that goes on sale. Hard to resist.
  5. I agree. Or make "pulled brisket" sandwiches. I love to cook briskets but to me, they only taste good the day you pull it off the pit. It's pulled brisket for the leftovers.
  6. Academy Sports stores. We have 2 in my area. They also carry B&B charcoal and BBQing supplies.
  7. It looks a lot like this stuff from Academy. It's really good stuff, but don't shake the coal basket after a cook. This stuff will disintegrate. It burns for a long time and is only $15 for 30lbs.
  8. Grandma: Alright grandkids, today you’re going to town with grandma instead of grandpa Kids: Awwww. OK granny. Grandma: You’ll see it’s just as much fun with me as it is with grandpa! So after a trip to town and back… Grandma: Well, that was a nice trip and I’ll bet you guys had fun. Kids: It was OK, grandma. Grandma What?? I thought we had a great ride. What’s the difference between going with me and going with grandpa?? Kids: Whenever we ride with you grandma, we never see any assholes, chowderheads, or blind bastards”
  9. I'm glad to see you constantly using that 42" KK, johnnymnemonic. You'll be an expert pretty soon and helping the new guys. Keep it up and you'll forget your Big Green Egg's last name. I'm sure you'll get a "Cooked to Perfection on my Komodo Kamado" plate too.
  10. I agree with GrillinBrew on the basket splitter. Very handy.
  11. Sometimes one just doesn't cut it. It's not the turkey, it was all the sides and dessert. I dreamed I was on the Enterprise and Kirk kicked me off so the ship could get off the ground.
  12. I've seen that one but it's still funny!
  13. I'd get the rotisserie for sure and the motor for it. The shelves come in real handy too. If you like fresh homemade bread and pizza, the pizza stone is necessary. Back to the Fireboard, I have one with the fan and it's flawless. But you will learn to dial in temperatures with the air flow/vent system on the KK without any controller. It'll take a few cooks but it's worth taking notes to see where your smoker's settings will be. Go with that 32" cobalt and don't look back.
  14. I know you said you got it a few weeks ago, but you sure have been busy cooking on it. Your food looks delicious too! The only thing is that I was going to call my 32" cobalt blue pebble Bluey. But I had another Bluey in mind. Oh well, there will two!
  15. A policeman pulls car over for speeding. As he walks to the car, he hears the guy tell his wife to keep her mouth shut. Policeman: Hey buddy, do you know you were going 50 in a 25mph zone? Husband: No sir. I never speed. It must be a mistake. Wife: Now Henry, you know you always say speed limits are for idiots. Yes officer, he was speeding. Husband: Shut your mouth! Policeman: You aren’t wearing a seat belt either. You know the law. Husband: I had to take it off to get my wallet out to retrieve my driver’s license for you. Wife: Really Henry? You never wear a seat belt. You said they put them in cars for losers. Husband: If you don’t shut up I’m going to slap your face! Policeman: Miss, does he always talk to you like this? Wife: Not always officer, just when he’s been drinking too much.
  16. BBQ smoke BBQ smoke. That's all I've inhaled. Where have I heard that before?
  17. Beef and sauerkraut go together very well. I'll bet it warmed up your igloo.
  18. I've been using the smoker in a 20X24 metal building with 2 8 foot roll up doors on it...and a regular door. 9 times out of 10 the natural airflow keeps it safe inside. I have 3 fans I can operate to blow smoke out as needed. I've been using this setup for around 15 years and never had a problem. Smoke on, brother!
  19. I'm in Louisiana and we're considered the mosquito capital of the world here. A little smoke seems to drive them away. You'll never regret your purchase of a KK...no matter what size or color you get. And people here are always ready to help with any questions you might have.
  20. She's a beauty Cnommensen. You had no problem with it being on two pallets? We can't wait to see more cooks on it.
  21. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and took a nice nap after lunch!
  22. Fair enough. Just change the word "turkey" in the joke to "duck" and we're good!
  23. I say choice number 2. You'll never wish you had less space. You've got all the bases covered with a 32 and the space necessary to feed the extended family. That being said, if it's just you and your wife 99% of the time, the 23 would serve you well.
  24. A guy was driving and saw a turkey walking on the side of the road. When he pulled up to it the turkey ran ahead of the car. The guy notices that the turkey has 3 legs. He went 50 mph and the turkey sped up and passed his car. Then turkey took a turn down a dirt road and the guy drove after him. He pulls up to a house owned by farmer tekobo and she just happens to be rocking in a chair on the porch. Man: Pardon me young lady, did you see a 3 legged turkey run by here? tekobo: Yep. I raise them Man: You raise them? Why? tekobo: I like the drumstick, the husband likes the drumstick and my little brother likes the drumstick. Man: That’s amazing. How does it taste? tekobo: I don’t know. We’ve never been able to catch the damn things.
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