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  1. That is too beautiful to eat. Another success story for you.
  2. Yeah, he’s cool. Still listens to his Cheech and Chong records.
  3. I have a rag doll that loves bbq’d chicken. And he also happens to be the best mouse/rat hunter on the planet. But I refuse to bbq his catches
  4. Your diagram looks like flavorizer bars from a Weber gas grill. I have a 32 and haven’t experienced uneven cooking you mentioned. I use the heavy foil steamer size pans from Costco for a “shield”. I’ve used it for a few chickens and ribs too. I can’t figure out what might have happened in your case.
  5. I’d say go with the biggest KK you’re comfortable spending the cash on. I know you asked for photos, but this forum has members that are experts at advice on how to spend your money. Especially a couple of members from the female persuasion. 😀
  6. Boudreaux: Hey Thibodeaux, you told me Hawaii was a good place to go and my little wife Marie got pregnant . Thibodeaux: I remember dat. Boudreaux: Then you said Haiti is where it’s at. And lo and behold my Marie got pregnant again. Thibodeaux: This is true. Boudreaux: After you sent me to Paris, sure enough Marie was pregnant again. Thibodeaux: She’s has some beautiful babies! Boudreaux: Well this time can you recommend a cheaper place so Marie can come too?
  7. Looks like and sounds like a competition. 😀
  8. That was a cool show too
  9. That octopus looked like it was hanging on for dear life. I'm sure it was tasty but I'm going to hard pass.
  10. You've got a smart husband. I see an edit in my future.
  11. Every time I see dough sheeter I think of a sick female deer. But I'd still like to have one.
  12. Your tandoori chicken looks great. I may need to get that hanger from Dennis if he still has some. Is your avatar from Lancelot Link?
  13. Great job MacKenzie. Your photos are good enough to eat!
  14. Good luck selling it. It may help to include a photo of it and the goodies you got with it.
  15. I've been using Weekend Warrior lately and it's really good stuff. Not too many useless tiny pieces.
  16. We know what "assistant" is the code word for. But since you're eating a sandwich, it was good. Like Tyrus said, the color is right on the money.
  17. Very impressive! I also like the looks of the charred piece in your hand. I'm not sure if they sell something like that around here.
  18. I open the vents after it has cooled off for at least 12 hours. But I'm going to start leaving the lid in the first position too.
  19. Now there's a combination you don't see every day. Another lover of the flapper on the wing too. You can't get sardines like that around here. Only available in a can with 20 of his brothers and sisters and the size of a little finger.
  20. I'd hit Dennis up and see if he has some he can ship for a reasonable price. They're worth it. Oh yeah, I love the way that steak looks. Cooked perfectly!
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