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BB 32 Assembly

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I do remember the day as everyone here when moving our KK to their destination point might have been an apprehensive effort. Part of that move was to remove the lid on my 23, I felt it safer because having owned a Jeep I felt it may have been a bit top heavy. Regardless, your going to need help positioning/centering the lid back on. Do that by placing the lid's hinge between the two posts and insert the pin and afix the safety so it doesn't slide out.. Remove the stainless cap over the spring and then bring the spring over to where it attaches on the lid. At the lower end of the spring you'll find a nut that requires tightening for setting the tension for openong and closing. Tighten this to your satisfaction. It may require a few tries but your ultimate goal is to have a free and easy movement. Try to find the middle ground adjustment. If I left anything out I'm sure others will chime in, however it requires just a safe amount of people 2-3 to position the lid...then it's a one man job from there. Good luck, they're usually attached when shipped??? Anyhow it's just an obstacle, once done you'll say,..that wasn't so bad. 

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Thanks for the tips. We were finally able to get the lid on last night, took 5 of us to get it lifted onto the base.

I spoke to Dennis yesterday, they were shipping them in 2 pieces for a while, shipping costs went crazy after covid. But they are now back to shipping them assembled.

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