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KK performs flawlessly at South Beach Wine and Food Festival

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KK took center stage at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. I cooked an event called Bubble Q (Champaign and BBQ on the beach). The things I do to promote BBQ ;-) My menu was St Louis cut Pineapple Sweet Ribs with Barbecue Blackberry Sauce and Grilled Red Skin Potato Salad. The KK Dennis shipped me (my personal KK stayed on my back porch) performed flawlessly. I used it to finish ribs and char the grilled potatoes and onions over high heat. Chef Tom Colicchio told me personally, “I have to get me one of those!†The event and reviews were a success thanks to great help (FIU students) and fantastic cooking equipment. Check out a review:


Also, I posted my first KK recipe on the cooking page. Let me know what you think.

I will keep you posted this year on my traveling KK adventures and where you can find us. I wish everyone well.

Chris Lilly

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q

My KK Below:


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Great Feedback, Review & Award..


Thanks for the feedback and congrats on the great review and being the Gagit award winner this year.. One more notch on that whittled to nothing trophy cabinet you have..

I more than anybody am looking forward to hearing about your adventures while cooking KOmodos..


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