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Working on a Half Century..

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Passion / Play!

Happy birthday Dennis!

You mentioned you have been in Indonesia for 21 years. I was curious - which came first - the job (teak furniture, flooring, etc), or the girl (your wife).

Growing up on the beach in So. CA, I watched the movie "Endless Summer" in the 70's and thought it was the cat's meow to follow summer around the world.

After graduating from HS I convinced my parents that a bit of travel would help me grow up before going to college.

In I spend 7 months with backpack and surfboard traveling thru the south Pacific and SE Asia by myself.. Caught the travel bug.

I lived a couple of years in EU then almost a year in NYC back to LA then ended up shipping my first container from Asia in Aug of '87

By June of '89 U had moved to Indo.. Time flies..

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