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  1. Re: Definition of OTB A bit of your dad's legacy lives in the name of your KKooker! Thumbs up!
  2. Re: New Leg-less Komodo.. Now that would look cool built into a teak cabinet/island, with drawers, doors, overhead bar with a light. When we will see that prototype?
  3. Re: Three Extruder Machines are in the House! Don't forget the "white fuzz of quality" found in some other brands
  4. Re: Komodo availability - Good & Bad News Thanks for the kind words. so exciting to see our little KK forum grow up! The very elusive little kid in me misses the days when we teased each as much or more than we posted constructive kkooking ideas. But i do enjoy the remarkable expanse of experience and knowledge. Just when i thought i was getting good, that Chris L. Pro starts using a kk and raises the bar! And now Dennis is selling KKs faster than he can ship them in a struggling economy. Kudos to KK Dennis!
  5. Re: Komodo availability - Good & Bad News You got that right doc!
  6. I discovered the KK while trying to find an alternative to the other gypsy company competitor, that stalled me for over a year while trying to order my second unit from them. So it was sort of a left handed referral from Gypsy Johnson. Like most of the previous K owners, I had a serious case of doubt. Dennis had to swim upstream for many of us bitten by the competitor, but more than proved himself as is reflected in his customer service. Clearly Linkletters have an amazing amount of tenacity and they do not give up!
  7. Sorry for your loss Dennis. He left an incredible legacy.
  8. I got a message from a special forum friend that said Sanny was calling me out for stealing Curly's cousin away. You snooze you loose Sanny....can't let the good ones get away! He may be headed back to the big house cuz he took advantage of my youth! The electronic bracelet is a chick magnate....All the girls from the psych ward were preening for him while I been 'away'! Sanny just liked the candy striper when he stole the doctor's stethoscope!
  9. Happy Belated Bday Dennis...your little princess will keep you feeling young for a few more years...until she gets her first boyfriend!
  10. mguerra wrote: that is just too funny...I really think if he is that obsessive into the whole thing, and he is the kind of guy that wants the best of everything, he would like a KK better.... if he is visiting this forum, he probably is gonna see what you posted anyway.
  11. I'm guessing you aren't a cardiologist! That sounds great....
  12. That is hysterical. I suspect the appraiser for this piece is the original manufacturer. I wouldn't be surprised if he still owns it.
  13. gerard wrote: looking at your avatar, she might be a chip off the Old block!
  14. I think pig candy at Vanderbilt could become huge.....not only will she love it, but it will be a great memory for her. Having a dad who was thoughtful enough to surprise her with somethig homemade that she loves will be huge.....might get you more then a tie for fathers' day!
  15. the tri-tip is a nice beefy flavor....the kalmatas can get strong and overpower the beef. I prefer a simple companion, IF I use a salsa. I like the type of salsa you are describing, but not sure about it with beef. I know I would love it on bread. Adding to the beef flavor becomes a complicated task. I have noticed the american kobe beef tri-tip has more fat and definitely requires LESS smoke. The better the beef quality, the less I like a lot of additive/seasoning. I did a prime filet tonight and the Char-crust garlic/peppercorn seasoning was plenty.
  16. i think the thermometers are shipped separately from the main unit, or at least they used to. although they should arrive first before the main unit, as they were shipped from stateside. but things may be done differently now, I don't know
  17. does Chris need food testers??? I hope you will announce his schedule...I would like to know if he is going to be in California. Is there a ceramic cookbook in the future?
  18. actually I had intended viewer as in he is a view-er not a do-er....Just a phrase a friend of mine used to use when a high profile politician was caught with 2 'working women'. better spank me now DJ.. Dennis can watch!
  19. Re: KOmodo YouTube Video oh yeah....a viewer ....why am I not surprised.
  20. trish

    Just meat loaf

    ..I get that wallyworld is walmart, but what is the cheap throw away?
  21. could get dangerous johnnyboy......I don't want a moo-moo once again we have hijacked a thread....I'm ready for my spanking DJ.
  22. The more beer you drink, the more beautiful she looks! Especially if she's wearing "black"!!! ...I have a black cooker, so I guess I have to wear black to cook in! Maybe Johnnyboy can make me up something in black!
  23. Yeah, I thought I remembered seeing that done when I was a kid. I just looked it up and this article talks about smoking the bees to calm them: http://www.ehow.com/how_2211051_smoke-bees.html
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