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Filet vs Porterhouse or T-bone

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I've stumbled upon a great mystery and need your help. When I cook a t-bone or porterhouse steak, the filet side is always amazingly tender. It kind of breaks apart. But when I get filet by itself I can never get it to be as good. There seems to be a "skin" on the outside, and the inside is never as tender/flakey.

I pretty much cook all my steaks the same. Sear at highest possible temp on both sides and then cook at low temp to required doneness.

Any ideas or advice?

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When you buy a t-bone or porterhouse the filet is almost always going to be juicier than if you bought the filet by itself, with one or two possible exceptions. The porterhouse/t-bone cut has obviously a bone which is much more dense than the meat, acting as an insulation barrier, slowing down the cooking process. The filet side not only has the "silver skin" covering it, but usually has a fair amount of beef fat or suet still attached. Whenever we cut our filets they are generally trimmed very well, with the option of having them bacon wrapped. We have also been cutting bone in filets that have almost the same quality of delectableness(new word?) of buying a porterhouse. I'll have a couple of 'em waiting for you!

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Everything tastes better wrapped in bacon!

with the option of having them bacon wrapped.

Speaking of which, have you tried them bacon-wrapped? That may help you out a bit as well.

I've not discovered anything that does not taste better wrapped in bacon!


Don't believe me.. just try banana, bacon and peanut butter!


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