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Big Smokey Burgers...

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tried this with the Old Bay instead of my rub... next time, i'll go a little heavier. proportion was per the instructions on the bottle...

3# ground beef (75% or something)

2 T. Old Bay

3 T. Worchester sauce

1 T. onion juice

make into 1/2# patties and put in 250 deg. smoker, indirect, with cherry or hickory for smoke. turn (gently!) after about 1/2 hour. takes about 45-60 min total cooking time. came out smokey (no need for bacon!) and very juicy even tho well-done.

if you've not done nice thick slow-cook burgers before, give it a shot. it'll get you over the "same old burger" blahs...

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You had mee looking againn at the recipe...

when you said rooster sauce, I thought you had used Sriracha Sauce. Now I see you meant Worcestershire - Why does that have to be such a long word?!

I usually use finely chopped onions (let them juice themselves as it cooks!) and a few finely chopped Jalepeno peppers in the meat as well. A splash (couple Tbsp) of W-shire, and a nice crust of black pepper, sea salt and a bunch of thyme on the outside. Cook at about 300 direct about 10-10 - 15 min/side. Juicy, juicy, even when cooked through.

The key is to leave them thick and dont mash them when you cook them.

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Hey, guess what I had for dinner last night?

...and... breakfast... and... lunch....? :shock:

Made up some Old-Bay Rooster burgers, per your suggestion. I used 3tbs of Old Bay, as you suggested... but I think 2 or 2.5 would have been perfect... just a tad salty with 3. I also used a small onion, finely chopped in lieu of "juice".

However, those are some TASTY burgers! I actually did 'em hot and fast... direct on the main grill. Fat drippin' in the coals filled the whole yard with sweet roasting smoke... and dang, if they weren't delicious!

That's going to be a burger mainstay for us. Though my 4 year old complained they were "too spicy" (as if there was such a thing).

She said "They're delicious AND too spicy."

Ah well. Thanks, PC.


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