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Temperature for Grilling Salmon

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Re: Temperature for Grilling Salmon

I like 250 slow, after a light brine (1/2 cup salt, 1/3 cup sugar per gallon water) for four to six hours. On a bed of basil in a Spanish cazuela, with apple smoke. Cook until melting, don't dry it out like everyone serves it to you, this will be rather close to 130 F internal for comfort.

The salmon will then "spall" white goop. This really doesn't bother us. Those who are bothered (or are going for a pro look for appearance's sake) will give the salmon a couple of hours fridge time air-drying, to cure a hard surface that won't spall.

Either way, I was just eyeing the dregs of our pesto basil, thinking it was time to have this dish again!

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Re: Temperature for Grilling Salmon

Since the eight years I spent in Lafayette, Louisiana I can not find a better way for cooking salmon that Blackening... Heat you cast iron griddle as hot as possible... Smother salmon in melted butter and dredge in seasoning... Skin side down for about five mins drop a shot of butter onit... Will stick solid till realeases near end... No reason fo panic :). Flip and cook four mins on other side and add another shot of butter, serve immediately.

I use by big NG Profire for this (~500 deg) but will have to try on KK just to see how it goes for an inagural high temp cook as I have seen much higher temps discussed?

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