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First Sher Full blood Wagyu Brisket on the Komodo

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Today I cooked my first low and slow on the Komodo using the CyberQ.

The CyberQ was excellent, managed to get it set well, once I sussed out the settings it was a breeze and kept the temp within 5F.

I separated the point and flat, rubbed with Big Louie garlic/pepper then finished with Sweet Rub of mine. The brisket was also injected.


Due to going this arvo, I foiled it earlier than normal, the bark could've done with a bit longer.

Also think I could've better placed the apple wood to get a better smoke ring but it still came out tender and incredibly tender



Burnt ends were pretty special too.



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Killer looking burnt ends - best part of making brisket - IMHO.


OK, so help us Yanks out - "arvo"??


Here's a tip for generating smoke on longer cooks. Consider getting a cheap cast iron dutch oven. You drill 3 small holes in the bottom (3/16" diam) - yes, the bottom, not the lid*.  Toss in your wood chunks. Seal up the lid with a simple flour/water paste. Set it on top of your burning coals and off to the races! No more carefully placing the chunks around the basket hoping that they burn in the right order and not all at once.


* Holes on the bottom pushes the smoke back into the fire, so the volatile chemicals (creosote) get burned off to get a cleaner smoke. Small holes limit the oxygen into the dutch oven, so the chunks burn real slow. And, at the end, you have made more charcoal - just toss it back into the basket for the next cook! Nice side benefit!

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